Twisted Logic

A collection of poetry about the twisted logic of the modern-day world.


25. Wings Stronger than the Wind

I speak with a closed throat,
I look with unfocused eyes,
I move without momentum,
Broken by the lies.

I laugh but my heart is heavy,
I smile but my face is weak,
I nod but I am full of confusion,
I seem happy but I am bleak.

I use a hood to hide my face,
And coffee to keep me awake,
I put on makeup so I can fit in,
I fit in by being fake.

It is summer time yet I am cold,
My spine is full of shivers,
They escalate down to my toes,
Set off my my triggers.

I hide it too well,
People don't seem to believe,
They think I'm overreacting,
I wish I was that naive.

I wish that I did not have to pretend,
I wish that I could find someone who accepts me,
I wish for wings stronger than the wind,
So that I might finally be free.

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