Twisted Logic

A collection of poetry about the twisted logic of the modern-day world.


16. Out of Sight

By myself I was happy,

By myself I was fine,

By myself I was fair,

But with you I was divine.

With your hand you took me,

And guided me to a new place,

My wirst you held in your firm grip,

I was all too distracted by your face.

And your eyes, they lead me,

With such a hypnotic look,

And your smile froze me,

My innocence, you took.

We had times I still reminisce,

And achieved things I still dream,

We were the perfect duo,

But nothings ever as it seems.

To me, you were a miricle,

To you, I was a toy,

I never would've gone against you,

So I fell victim to your ploy.

I don't know where you met her,

Probably the same place you met me,

I only know you wanted her,

Far more than you needed me.

So there you were, all newly met,

Whilst I lay cold and used,

'Soiled goods', that's what they call me,

You just dropped me, all bemused.

Now all I have are my here words,

Against your infamous might,

No-one believes a thing like me,

So I'll stay out of sight.

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