Twisted Logic

A collection of poetry about the twisted logic of the modern-day world.


17. For Every Tear

For each time you were left alone,
for each time you felt unimportant,
for each time you wasted on her,
for each time you seemed inadvertent.

For the unwanted lingering looks,
for the un-returned calls,
for the 'embarrasment' you were to her,
for the endless falls.

For your regretted mistakes,
for your painful heartbreak,
for your misplaced loyalty,
for your constant heartache.

For each and every time you called her name,
I will loose my voice calling yours.
For each and every night she stood you up,
I will spend triple the cost on the dates I will take you.
For each and every quarrel or fight,
I will pay an unheard compliment to your mind.

For every tear,
I shall cry.

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