Twisted Logic

A collection of poetry about the twisted logic of the modern-day world.


23. Alone

It's not your fault,

but there's no-one else to blame,

Everything is cold,

It's all the same.

You are no longer you,

but every version of you,

forms into a person,

the many versions of you.


It rings in your ears,

the reality of fear,

drawing closer, drawing near.

And everyone can tell,

everyone can see,

when they stare at you,

they see a freak.

Your entire body is sinking,

a titanic of pride hit by an iceberg of shame,

down and down it goes,

never to be seen whole again.

Other people only see you,

alone. They see you alone...

But they are wrong.

You are not alone,

you are crowded by your thoughts,

a mob of anxiety surrounds you,

you'd much rather be alone.

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