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"There is nothing more beautiful, than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it is sent away"

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3. Chapter 2

Yesterday went by so fast; the days defiantly didn’t felt as long as they did back in London. There it was as if the day would never end.

Yesterday I watched the sunset with mum and Celia, as we ate our desserts. I had missed evenings like that, it wasn’t the same, being alone in London every evening in my apartment.

I was standing on my balcony, when my phone buzzed in my pocket. It was a text messages from Jenny, saying she was waiting outside of the hotel. I took my purse and went down the stairs and outside the hotel.

Today was the annual beach barbeque party, which I had been looking forward to, since last year. It was an amazing day, so many people gathered on the beach, everyone having the time of their lives. It was nice seeing everyone so happy.

“Hi Lulu!” someone yelled from behind. I knew by the voice, that it was Jenny.

“Hiii Jen!” I said hugging her tight. I had known Jenny, since I was five. Even though we didn’t move here, until two years ago - we used to go here three times a year. My mum did everything, to make it possible for us to go, to Barbados every time we had a break from school. That was also, where my mum’s dream of owning a hotel came from. I remember her telling me that the first time she was here, was with my dad, when they were both 17 years old. She fell in love with everything here, even my dad.

Jen and I walked to her car, as we drove to her house. We had to pick up a few things before heading back to the beach.

“I missed you so much, I wish you had not taken that London university thing,” Jen whaled smiling at me, as we pulled up in her driveway. I smiled at her, wishing the same.

“Tell me all the gossip, I want to know what happened here, since I left,” I said, as the both of us got out of the car. Jen shrug her shoulders, smiling at me with this cheering, yet scary smile. I knew Jen would have gossip, Holetown had a population of something around 1500 people, many of them living a bit farer out, so basically you knew a lot of people and in some way a lot of them were in connection. Besides that, Jen also worked at the coffee shop, the place of gossip.

“I have a lot of gossip, but first - there is something I haven’t told you,” she said as we went into her house.   

“Something you haven't told me? What could that possibly be?” I asked confused. She look at me with the same scary smile, once again.

“I'm with Rob again,” she said hiding behind her curtains, my eyes widened by his name being mentioned. Rob was kind of a bad boy, mostly because he had been in jail twice and maybe plus the fact that he used to take drugs. I didn't knew how he was doing now, because I hadn't spoken to him since Jen and him broke up two and a half years ago.

“Are you serious?” I asked, still very confused. Jen just peep her head out from the curtains, as she nodded. “What the actual fuck…” I mumbled to myself as I took a seat on her bed.

“I know what you are thinking, but he has changed a lot and he is really nice now,” she said, defending her situation. I shook my head, closing my eyes, imagining them together again, after everything he did. When I left three months ago, she couldn’t even stand him. 

“Well, you are the one who knows him, so I’m not the one to judge - and I don’t want to fight now, because it’s time for the party, so get your stuff and let’s get going!” I said, my mood changing into the better, by the thought of the beach barbeque party.

Jenny grabbed all her stuff, and before we knew, we had hit the beach. We found our own little area, close to the palms and quite far from the sea, where we settled down. There were tons of people on the beach, but somehow it didn’t feel overcrowded, because this event was meant for so many people to show up and have fun. 

I went to the bar, for some drinks for Jen and I, while she stayed at our area, so it wouldn’t be stolen. Right now, I would do anything for just a drop of water, I hadn’t grown accustomed to the high temperatures here in Barbados. The English weather was so far from the heat and humidity that was in Barbados.

The bar had the longest que I had seen for a long time, but I just had to get in line and wait. Finally, it was my turn, I orders ice tea for Jen and some coconut milk for myself. I paid for the drinks and headed back towards where Jen was.

When I was at the beach again, I looked around confused, until I saw the palm tree Jenny and I had settled under. I saw a tall boy with a cute smile, walking towards me, he smiled like crazy, but it was still cute. I looked around, to see whom he was smiling at, but there was only me sanding and facing towards him. He stopped in front of me, looking down at me.

“Hi,” he said, I smiled at him.

“Hi,” I said, looking at my feet and back up at him. He smiled even wider. I started walking towards where Jen was waiting for me, not knowing if the boy wanted to talk.

“How are you?” he asked following me, I didn’t stop walking and that made everything a little awkward.

“I’m fine,” I said, looking at him nervously as I stopped walking, “I’m sorry, but do I know you?” I asked. His smile faded, but quickly appeared again.

“We talked for a very short time, yesterday at the beach,” he said.

“Oh, I think I remember you know,” I lied, while smiling at him. I couldn’t deny that I had talked to him before.

“I forgot to introduce myself yesterday, I’m Harry,” he said.

“I’m Luna,” I said, finding myself starring at him. The boy, or Harry, had the cutest half-curled half-straight hair, laying upon his shoulders. He was only wearing a pair of brown shorts, flip-flops and a cap, with the brim in the back of his head.

“Who are you here with?” I asked, smiling at him as I started walking again.

“I’m here with a few friends, but they all headed off to different places, so I just decided to stay and keep an eye on our stuff, but I got bored and went for a little walk,” Harry said with a little laugh, looking at his feet.

“Oh cool, if you want you could come and sit with me and my friend for a while,” I offered as we were almost at the palm tree. I didn’t want Harry to go, because I really enjoyed talking to him.

“I would love to,” Harry exclaimed with a joyful smile. 

As we got to the palm tree, where I had left Jen, she wasn’t there, only our things laying in the sand. I shrug my shoulders looking at Harry.

“I think my friend has gone to somewhere, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun,” I laughed awkwardly looking at the two drinks I was holding, “would you like some ice tea?” I asked as he nodded and I handed him the drink I had bought for Jenny. He thanked me and took a sip. We sat in silence for a while, to my surprise, it wasn’t awkward at all, it felt nice.

“Well Luna, tell me something about yourself,” Harry broke the silence, looking at me; I narrowed my eyes, thinking of what I should tell him. What did he want to know about me?

“Just something like, how old are you, where are you from and why are you here?” Harry said as an answer to my thoughts.

“I am nineteen, and from England, if that was so impossible for you to guess,” I said giggling.

“Okay, I could have guessed your nationality, by your accent, since we talk quite similar,” Harry laughed as he realized how frivolous his question was. We both laughed for a while, until I answered the last one of his suggestions.

“I am here, because my mum owns one of the hotels here,” I said as Harry and I made eye contact. “Two years ago, she bought the hotel named The Sandpiper, it is around a kilometre in that direction,” I said pointing up the beach, in the northern direction.

“Wow, that is so impressive,” Harry said as I shrug my shoulders.

“I like it here, but sometimes I wish that my mum could be in England with me,” I said being honest. I liked being here, somehow I wish that we could just go here for holidays as we used to.

“So you’re living I England?” Harry asked, sounding interested in my life, which felt strange because no one normally was, not even Jenny.

“I go to school there, The University of Arts in London - I love photography and they had a BA degree in photography,” I said, trying to smile, but the thought of university, made me want to vomit. I didn’t wanted to be there, I hated it so badly.

“That sounds amazing, how is it there?” Harry asked. I looked at him trying to smile, but it just faded away.

“I hate it, it’s nothing like I imagined, but I don’t know how I’ll tell my mum that I don’t want to go there anymore and I don’t know what I’ll do instead,” I admitted, suddenly feeling uneasy.

“I know exactly how you feel, my mum and dad wanted me to go into the family business, but I didn’t really wanted to and then I told them I was going to Barbados as a holiday and when I got here I told them it was actually a temporary stay. I didn’t wanted them to feel disappointed while I watched them, so it was easier this way,” Harry said, as I could see this was something that really bugged him.

“I guess that’s why I’m still studying in London, to find out what I really want to do, before I tell my mum,” I said smiling at Harry. I felt like Harry was genuinely listening to what I had to say, which was incredibly and made me so happy. 

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