Nothing Like Us (A Justin Bieber Fanfic)

Ariana and Justin have been bestfriends ever since they were in diapers! But once they were in their teenage years, they start growing feelings for eachother.


8. 8 - Happiness

After a week of moving to Nina's, Justin decided to contact his dad, to let him know he's okay. I was scared at first but Nina distracted me by taking a walk while Justin talks to his dad. 

"How are you handling with the divorce between your parents?" Nina asks. "I just want them happy. You know what I mean. I thought they loved each-other. But I guess they don't. They won't tell me why." I tell her. We then started talking about our future. Nina was still single. She had a crush on Justin's friend, Ryan. I also heard that Ryan liked Nina also. Ryan told me that one of these days, He's going to confess his love to Nina. I totally ship them. 

My phone buzzed indicating I had a text from Justin. 

Justy<3: Come back! I've got news!

I smiled and told Nina. We walked back. Once we arrived, Justin ran to me and gave me a hug. "He's allowing me to stay here as long as I visit him every other weekend or when I can." He says. My face lit up. "Really?" I say. He nods. "He realized that no matter what, I will always love you and no matter what, I'll always run back to you" He says. His father finally realizes that Justin loves me so much and can't live without me. I jump in happiness. I kiss him. "Eww! I'm here." Nina says. "I'm pretty sure, you and Ryan would kiss in front of us all the time" Justin says making Nina blush. He was right.

"I've also got some news also" Justin tells me. "What?" I say. "So you know how I posted a singing video on youtube?" He asks. I nod. "We'll I got an email saying that X-Factor would love if I auditioned." He says smiling. I smiled and hugged him. "So many good things in one day!" I tell him. "Yes." He says kissing my cheek. We then eat dinner. 

After dinner, My mom called to check if I was okay. I told her that I was doing fine. My dad and I grew distant once the divorce happened. We used to be close but he never calls me to see how i was doing. I cuddled with Justin and talked. I was happy that his dad accepted us. "I love you so much." He said kissing my nose. "I love you too" I say smiling. 

"What song are you going to sing?" I ask him. "I'm thinking of singing I Will Always Love You By Whitney Houstan" He says. I loved that song. I smiled. 

"Omgggg" Nina came in and screamed causing us to jump as she scared us. "Sorry but Ryan just asked me out!" She says smiling. Omg he actually did it. 

After a few hours, Ryan came over and was talking to Nina and before he left, he talked to Justin for a bit. 
Ryan and Nina were the perfect couple. I liked having Nina happy. She's my best-friend. Ryan better not hurt her or else. 

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