My Step-Brother|Luke Hemmings

Everything changed in Alison Taylor's life when her dad remarried to a Hemming. Luke was her enemy her punching bag,but everything changed after a visit to the hospital...


1. I

I never intended to like a member of the Hemming's family,let alone love, it was the last thing I wanted. But somehow it turned out to be the best decision I have ever made in my life...


Everything has happened so quickly. First my mother dies and only two weeks after my dad says he got remarried and we are moving to Australia to live with them! Apparently my 'mother' has a son called Luke, my father says we have a lot in common, I don't believe him. I hate most people, I'm not the social type, I usually just communicate through the internet, never actual words.

"Al come on stop being so grumpy!" My father says in a low,dull tone, it makes me feel even more annoyed at him. "NO! Father I will never be ok, it was only two weeks ago my mom dies, TWO WEEKS AGO dad! Now we are moving in with some complete stranger to me who I have never met and I have NO choice but too put up with them!" I snap. I sigh and slump back in my seat. My father sighs before saying, "Give them a chance Al, they arn't as bad as they seem." "Whatever" I mumble.

Before I know it we were there. I groan as a blonde haired woman opens the door and embraces me into a tight hug. When she finally lets go a blonde haired boy approaches me, my 'brother' I'm guessing, god I know its wrong to say but he is beautiful. 

"err... Hi you must be um .... Alysun" He says his Australian accent strong. I sigh and groan. "It's ALISON! You must be Lucaass" I say with a mumble. He smiles at my sassy, sarcastic tone, I groan and say, "Just show me my room." My dad pats my shoulder and whispers in my ear; "Would it kill you to be nice to him" I nod my head, he lets out a low chuckle before letting Luke lead me too my new bedroom. 

I take one look at my new room and scoff. The walls are bright pink, the floor is carpeted with teal carpet. "To pink and girly" I mumble to myself. "What was that?" Luke asks, I turn my head and look at him, an idiotic smile playing on his face, "None of your business" I say harshly. He frowns and walks out my room leaving me alone to think.

Thanks for reading this <3 I have missed writing fan fiction so much (I used to write ff on wattpad).

Do you guys think Alison is being a bit to mean to Luke? 

Put your answer in the comments below. VVVVVVVVV

Stay strong and live while your young earthlings!

Peace out,

                   5SOSLukeHemmo xx <3


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