"Hey, have you seen her?"
"You mean the girl who always stumbles?"
"Yeah. I heard, she can't go a day without tripping over her words at least 10 times."
Oh, How I hated that word.
Skyler(Sky) was always stumbling. Over words, and over her own two feet. Being looked down on was something, but being a mystery was another.


1. Welcome to Riversong Academy~!

Intro: Welcome to Riversong Academy. It is one of the most highly respected schools, and its like the place where RIch kids who have too much time on their hands go. Melody Riversong is the founder of the school. She was very strict, and Melody was not afraid to be rude/mean towards bad students. If you break a rule, you get suspended for a couple days.


Skyler's POV


Ugh. Same stupid place again, huh? I thought as I walked through the dam halls. I tried to ignore the usual chatter and gossip that spread whenever I entered a room.

"Hey, is that Stump?" One boy asked.

"Yeah. I Heard, she can't go a day without stumbling." Another boy answered.

"I feel bad for her. Shouldn't we help her?"

"Nah. She stumbles over everything. Its quite funny to be honest. Besides, we need entertainment. She's so stupid, it's funny."

"Whatever you say, Man."

Gossip is like a fire. Easy to start, and feared. Except, Nobody is there with the water.

I sighed, and continued to trudge through the halls. I was determined not to-


Stumble. I sighed. Already I have stumbled once. I haven't even made it to First Period! Anyways, my name is Skyler. Skyler Hill.


Let me re-start my Introduction.

Hi. My name is Skyler Hill. I prefer Sky though. You probably know me as "Stump". My Favorite color is Blue, and Black. I had one friend. She was super sweet, but then she turned into one of those stupid. popular girls Cliche. Stupid, Right? Besides that, I have one cat named Fluffy. I live alone, and I'd like to say that I do really well in school.

The lowest Grade I got was an A-. Not to bad, right?

My parents are gone. I woke up one morning, and when I went to the kitchen, all I had was a note. I still kept that note. It's attached to my locker.

Everyone picks on me. Cliche, right? Well, this was because I can't speak. I'm not Mute though. I just prefer not to speak. See, I have a bad habit. The Doctors told me that is was something inside of me that triggered this.





"Well Ms Hill. It seems as if your voice has gotten worse." A doctor had told me. "Ever since your parents death-" I glared so sharply at the doctor, that he shut up. Instead, he tried again. "Ever since your parents disappearance, it seems as if your voice locked itself up, in a little vault. You will have trouble speaking for the rest of your life, Until somebody helps unlock that vault."

The news had hit me hard. I used to love to sing. I would perform for my parents, and they'd clap happily for me.


~Flashback ends~


Stop it Skyler! I told myself. If you start thinking about your parents, you cry. You don't want to cry infront of the school, do you?" Shaking my head quickly, I turned and scanned my surroundings. I was in my first Period Classroom, and one look at the clock told me I was 10 minutes early. Perfect.

~ Timeskip ~

I was aimlessly doodling in my notebook when the teacher FINALLY entered. I rolled my blue/brown eyes in bored. Dam... Riversong Academy was supposed to be one of the most brilliant schools in the country. Yet here I am, learning absolutely Nothing. "Excuse me, Ms Hill. Do you have a problem with today's lesson?" Crap. My blue/brown eyes widen. They must not know about my speech problem. "N-n-n-no S-s-s-sir." I tried so hard not to stumble in that sentence, but everybody else was already snickering. I looked down at my shoes. The Teacher sighed. "Alright Ms. Hill. Please have a seat. On the Bright side.." The Teacher then began the lesson. I continued to roll my pencil around on my desk.


"Alright Class. We have a new student today, so please welcome her. She is a bit held up." I looked up, startled. The last time a student transferred here, It was me. You all can see how this played.

"Please treat her well." As soon as the Teacher said that, everyone rolled their eyes. In Sync, which was creepy. "I must go welcome her. Please be good, class while I'm gone." Pfft, Like that would happen!

I listened to the gossip that the girls where already spreading about her.

"I Wonder who she is." One girl said.

"I bet she's some stupid kid, like Stump." Another girl answered

"Ugh! Do we really need another Stump? One is already annoying." A girl whined.

Hello! You never even MET Her, and your already judging her!? That's low. I thought.

Suddenly, the door was slammed open, and the Teacher ran/walked in. "Alright Class. Meet-" In walked the girl. She turned and spoke in a dull tone. "I'll introduce myself, Sir. My mother told you that, didn't she? That I'd like to introduce myself."




Every stared, open mouthed at the girl. Then, everybody turned to stare at the Teacher, who was quivering he was so dam scared.

I looked at the girl silently.

She was pretty, I'll admit. She had lovely light green eyes, and light brown hair. She was silent, and she was glaring at the girls who spoke. "Excuse me Girls. I really love how you just judged me, straight off the bat without even seeing me. That was so sweet." She said, in a very sarcastic tone. Everyone was shocked.

The "ringleader" of the girls gaped at her. Stacey (Ringleaders name) then rolled her eyes over-dramatically. "Sorry B*tch, but you can't talk to me like that. I'm Stacey, the Queen of the School. Also, My Mother is the Founder of this school." She said crossly. I blinked. Wow Stacey. You just HAD to throw that little lie in there, didn't you? I thought as I frowned. Poor New girl. She probably will now be scared that "Stacey's Mom" will ban her from school. But, The new girl blinked, and started to laugh,startling everyone.

Stacey was baffled, and her expression was priceless. I giggled silently to myself. Well. New girl burned Stacey badly, didn't she? The girl then stood up, and regained her bored posture. "I'm sorry. I never introduced myself, did I?"

"I'm Leaf Riversong. What do your parents do? Mine run a school, and produce clothes." Leaf said, her light green eyes sparkling with amusement. Poor Stacey.

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