"Hey, have you seen her?"
"You mean the girl who always stumbles?"
"Yeah. I heard, she can't go a day without tripping over her words at least 10 times."
Oh, How I hated that word.
Skyler(Sky) was always stumbling. Over words, and over her own two feet. Being looked down on was something, but being a mystery was another.



Skyler's POV


I gaped at the new girl. Or Leaf, I guess. Stacey gasped, and huffed angrily. "Excuse me, your lying. Mom would never produce Scrum like you." Stacey scoffed. Leaf's eyes then did something creepy. They flashed blood red, before returning to normal. Leaf groans in annoyance. "Well, Stacey. Let me call your, 'Mother' and we can see who was right." Leaf's eyes had closed, and Stacey gave her scariest glare. I shivered. Leaf's gonna be scared.. However, Leaf proved me wrong again. "I'm sorry Stacey. Your about as intimidating as a flipping flower." Leaf said, and giggled. What the hey? Leaf's weird.... "Hmph." Stacey huffs, and then turns to one of her minions. "Ashley, go get me my Mom." Stacey demanded. Leaf giggled. "No need Stacey. Shes on her way to greet me now."


~ When Melody Riversong Gets here ~


(Sky's POV)



Ms. Melody came in, her brown eyes the same as always, glaring. But as soon as she saw Leaf, she stopped glaring at everybody, and ran as fast as she could. Before Leaf Or Melody could talk, Stacey did a very risky move. "Mother!" Stacey called, and ran towards Melody. Melody didn't even flinch, and just sidestepped her.


Melody turned to glare at Stacey. "I Am NOT your Mother, Stacey. Please be aware." Then, She turned her attention to the class. "Alright Kids! Listen up!" She growled out. "This Thing Is NOT my Daughter." Melody gestured to Stacey, who was beet red, from both anger and embarrassment. "Besides, I could never produce Scrum like that." Melody said with a smirk. Stacey gaped. Leaf smiled, amusement flashing quickly through her green eyes. Leaf then turned to Stacey and flashed the "Loser" sign. "Sorry Girl. She's my mom." With that said, Leaf turned and walked silently out of the classroom.


As soon as Leaf walked out, Melody turned to the Teacher angrily. "What is this I hear about you and my daughter?" Melody asked. The Teacher quivered in fear. "N-n-nothing Ma'am. S-s-she was just lying..." Big Mistake.


Right! I forgot to mention, didn't I? Melody is a trained master in all martial Arts. She grabbed the Teacher by his neck, and snarled. "My Daughter would NEVER Lie!" Melody shouted. Most people assumed she was angry, but I could see a hint of.... Sadness? Your just hallucinating, Skyler. I thought.

Suddenly, a quite voice spoke up. "Mom, calm down. Please don't kill a teacher. Its my first day, alright?" Everyone blinked, and turned.

What they saw, startled them. A boy, with light brown hair and blue eyes walked in softly, and was staring at Melody. Instantly, Melody let go of the teacher. "Sorry you had to see that. How are you, son?" she asked calmly.

Hold on. SON!?









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