"Hey, have you seen her?"
"You mean the girl who always stumbles?"
"Yeah. I heard, she can't go a day without tripping over her words at least 10 times."
Oh, How I hated that word.
Skyler(Sky) was always stumbling. Over words, and over her own two feet. Being looked down on was something, but being a mystery was another.


3. Escape. I need to Escape this hole.....

(Roller Skating Outfit, up)


(Sky's Mask, up)


Sky's POV


Escape. I thought silently. I need to escape. Its too hard to deal with everything and everyone. I began making plans to escape, but I also examined the new boy. "My name is Hisoka. Please take care of me." He said, monotone. Hisoka bowed, and then turned to Melody. "Mother, may I please know why you are beating him up?" I narrowed my eyes. Why do you speak Monotone so much? Is it because We are not as exciting as you hoped we would be? Melody blinked and set him down. "Of course, Hisoka. He said Leaf was lying." Instantly, Hisoka did something strange. His shoulders widen, back straight, and the same clouded look came into his eyes. "Of course Mother. Please, don't beat him up. I need somebody to teach this lesson." Melody nodded, and smiled towards everyone. "Alright Class. Mr. Sohma, please continue." Melody said, and walked straight out the door like nothing happened.


After Class, it was Lunch, for two hours. Dang.. I thought. This has the weirdest schedule ever.... I walked over to my favorite spot, in front of a tree, straight out in the sun. Usually, I'd eat lunch alone, but today that wasn't the case. I looked confused, seeing the two Riversong children. Leaf was...... Crying? Huh, Leaf had the strongest personality from what I've seen so far..... I watched silently, hidden in the shadows.

Hisoka was comforting Leaf, and a smile graced his features. His smile is pretty- WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU THINKING SKY!? YOU JUST MET HIM. BRUH. SHUT UP MIND. Shaking my head, I walked forward. Hisoka caught sight of me, and made a "shush" gesture. I nodded, and sat next to Leaf, trying to comfort her. I may not know her, but she is new here. I want her to have somebody to comfort her..... Leaf looked up, and blinked at me. "Oh Hello. Your name is Sky, right?" I nodded, and smiled warmly. Leaf smiled back. "Sorry about what you had to see. I usually don't act like that. Stacey just irked me." I snorted and laughed. Leaf tilted her head. "You are a silent one, huh?" I thought for a second, then shrugged. Hisoka then spoke up. "No your not, Skyler. I can see it in your face. You want to speak, but can't. Whats holding you back?" I looked at him in Shock. Leaf glanced at her brother, and nodded. "Of course. You stutter, don't you? You're known as "Stump" because you stumble around, both words and your own two feet." I nodded sadly. Dang.... She found out. "Speak." Hisoka demanded. I blinked. Leaf gently punched her brothers arm. "What he means, is will you please speak for us, Sky? We promise not to laugh. We have two hours, after all." I nodded, and smiled at them. "I-is M-m-melody R-really y-y-your M-M-Moth-er?" I asked softly. The twins blinked, looked at each other, and laughed. I was surprised. Hisoka's Laugh is sweet.. GAH. SHUT UP MIND! Hisoka spoke. "Yeah. We both trained under her." Suddenly, I checked the time. Crud! I have only one more hour! "I G-g-got t-to g-go....." I mumbled, and they nodded. "See you in History!" Leaf called. Right.... We have History next, don't we?

I ran down the street, trying my hardest not to stumble. Almost there... You can do it, Sky! I thought to myself, and ran towards the flashing Neon Lights. Quickly, I ran into it, and changed into my outfit, mask, and Roller Skates.


"Ah, Hello Ms. Mizuki, how may I help you?" A nervous Ticket seller said. I just simply held up my pointer finger (Signaling the number one) "Of course. Free of charge as usual. All you need to do is entertain the guests with your skills, alright?" I smiled, and nodded.


As I walked out into the rink, everybody fell silent. I smiled at the people on the rink, and waved. Everybody smiled back. Friendly people.... I thought. With a smile, I strut out and began to dash through the roller skating rink. I skated expertly around the new kids, and each time I passed somebody who looked down, I gave them a thumbs up.

One girl looked like she was really having trouble. She had light blue hair, and sad hazel eyes. She was stumbling along, trying to hold onto the railing but she couldn't. I frowned, and skated over to her. She looked at me while I smiled, and held out my left arm. She understood, and took it. We then started to skate slowly around the little girl was smiling. Her smile made me smile.


After a while, she got the hang of it. When she did, I lowered my arm and she took off, skating like a pro. I laughed, and then heard a sound, as If small jingle bells where playing. Glancing around, I froze. Want to know why I froze?


Hisoka, and Leaf Riversong where putting on there skates.

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