An unexpected surprise

As Harry walks up the stone stairs of Hogwarts, the sorting is about to begin. Prof. McGonagall calls his name the, sorting hat calls loudly SLYTHERIN!!


3. Tonight

Harry snuck out of the Slytherin tower. He was on his way to the library to see what the restricted section was all about. "Ow" said the bushy haired Ravenclaw, "what are you doing here?" harry asked the girl. " well if you must know... I wanted to see the restricted part of the library"she said the last part very quietly, " how about yourself?"," same" they talked and walked for a while shan..."scabbers!" The boy named Ron yelled. A rat ran past there feet and Hermeoine squealed. " oh no..." Said a distracted Hermeoine," what" said Harry," Filches cat!"Harry looked down and saw a cat running away. " HAY!!" yelled filch running as fast as he could " run " said Ron, sounding rather scared. All of them sprinted away.



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