An unexpected surprise

As Harry walks up the stone stairs of Hogwarts, the sorting is about to begin. Prof. McGonagall calls his name the, sorting hat calls loudly SLYTHERIN!!


2. From The Desk Of Harry James Potter

The pale skinned boy introduced himself as Draco Malfoy. A girl Named Pansy gets way to close to me. I don't know if Slytherin is the right house for me. 

It is Christmas today, Draco and I have become close Friends. I got a gift from his mum, it was an old potion, weird. I got a gift from someone I do not know, it says it was my fathers, I tried it on and my body vanished, I think it is a cloak of invisabalaty cloak (or at least that was what Draco said). I want to try it out, I will tonight.

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