My Personal Nightmare: A short story

He lives in a screwed up place that he calls life. The only problem is, he doesn't know what's real.


5. Fight For Life

Asher's point of view

 Buddy led me to a giant castle.

 "What are we doing here?" I asked, gazing up.

 "We're getting you out of here."

 I quickly looked at him.


 "The King is hiding your memories from you. That's why you don't remember anything about your real life."

 "So... who is the king?" I asked.

 "When you see him, you'll know." Buddy said.

 I put my hand on the door but Buddy quickly moved my hand away.

 "There are guards and knights in there. We need a distraction." Buddy said and looked around.

 He handed me a knife.

 "The first chance you get, use this on the king." Buddy said. 

 "What's the plan?"

 Buddy pulled out another knife.

 "I'll run inside with this knife and pretend to charge towards the king. When the guards and knights run after me, I'll run around the castle, leading most of them on a goose chase. The throne is straight ahead, and the king will be sitting there. There will be two guards protecting him, so you need to be careful."

 I stared at Buddy.

 "What if you get killed?" I asked.

 "I'm willing to take that risk. If we execute the plan correctly, and you wake up in the hospital, I'll be by your side. If I die in here, however, I won't be there." Buddy said.

 I hugged him.

 He hugged me tight.

 "Go hide behind that door."

 As soon as I was in place, Buddy rushed inside. I could hear yelling and shuffling.

 I peeked to see a clear shot to the throne. As I dashed forward, the king came into view.

 I couldn't believe my eyes. The king was someone I could never forgive, someone who hurt my family more times than anybody. The king was my dad. 

As I got closer, the guards drew their swords. They were ten times bigger than I.

 I couldn't help but notice that their whole body was covered in metal armor. I stopped in my tracks and smirked. I closed my eyes and focused hard.

  I heard thunder and opened my eyes. I looked up to see the cloud of hate above my head. It was like a giant ball of smoke,  taking over the air above our heads. The red lightning struck the two guards, who were wearing the metal armor. I ran and plunged the knife into the king's side.


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