Brat Facts

I come from this close-knit family of Brats.
Military Brats, that is.

We go through all of the horrors a military family entails. We face the hardships of our parent being gone for many months at a time and having to learn how to be strong without them.
Sometimes. . . It's a nightmare.

But despite all of the troubled skies that we most often have to face, I know I wouldn't trade this life for anything.

*Cover created by Infinite_Exho


35. *Side Note

Hey guys! As of writing this we've reached over 17,000 views! Thank you guys so much! Y'all are amazing! 

Now, we need your help! If any Brats out there have any weird, crazy, or anything else interesting, please let us know in the comments down below! It would not only be amazingly awesome to hear other stories from other Brats, but it will give Y'all a new twist and some new perspectives in the book! 

Thank Y'all so much!! We love Y'all!!



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