Brat Facts

I come from this close-knit family of Brats.
Military Brats, that is.

We go through all of the horrors a military family entails. We face the hardships of our parent being gone for many months at a time and having to learn how to be strong without them.
Sometimes. . . It's a nightmare.

But despite all of the troubled skies that we most often have to face, I know I wouldn't trade this life for anything.

*Cover created by Infinite_Exho


5. Fact 4: Goodbyes Are Hard and Filled with Tears.

I can still remember all of those times I stood in the airport with my daddy, clinging to him for dear life, not wanting him to leave me for 9-12 months.


Because I knew there was a chance that I would never see him again.


There was always that chance that he would die while fighting for his home.

And there was this one instance where he almost did.


So I latched onto him, bawling my eyes out, until his gate announced it would close soon and my mom had to pry my arms off of him.


I didn't want to say goodbye.


This is a time that the Brat Life wasn't always easy.

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