Brat Facts

I come from this close-knit family of Brats.
Military Brats, that is.

We go through all of the horrors a military family entails. We face the hardships of our parent being gone for many months at a time and having to learn how to be strong without them.
Sometimes. . . It's a nightmare.

But despite all of the troubled skies that we most often have to face, I know I wouldn't trade this life for anything.

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28. Fact 23: Civilian Movie Theaters.

When I lived in Fort Lost-In-The-Woods, my mom got a job managing the second-run base movie theater.

I always preferred to go to that movie theater versus the more expensive, off-base theater that priced tickets as if the movie you were seeing could cure cancer.

Not only was it way cheaper, but I also got discounted popcorn and snacks(courtesy of my mom's employee discount), not that that's important.

Being at a movie theater on a military installation meant that before the trailers even started, the national anthem would play and everyone in the theater would stand and salute/place their hand over their heart in respect for those who fight.



That was one of my favorite parts of being at that movie theater. After the anthem had gotten done playing, I would look around at all of the trainees and other personnel who were dressed in their ACU's and just feel this immense amount of respect and pride. These are my favorite people. 


I'll be honest; even though I've lived as a civilian for the last 2 years, whenever I go to the movies with my friends, I have to fight the urge to stand before the movie starts, because I end up getting weird looks as these theaters don't play the anthem.

I don't know why they don't play the anthem like the movie theaters I used to go to do. I wish that they would.


Because nowadays, if you're not living on a base, the only time there's ever any sort of recognition for those in uniform, is on Memorial Day or Veteran's Day. It's nice to recognize those on more than just those occasions, even if it is just in a movie theater.

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