Boys will be boys.

I am living every girls dream, but mine. I get to tour with One Direction because I get to do their make-up and fix all the tech stuff. Thanks mom and dad for giving me these gifts. (Note the sarcasm.) Will it change after being with them? Read to find out.


1. The Beginning.

Olivia's POV:

I don't know what made me like tech things but I do. I think it's my dads fault he took me to work all the time when I was younger.  Its my mom's fault I am good with make-up. In some girls eyes they would love to switch places. Yeah I know One Direction is " Oh so great and perfect!" Yeah no... But if you haven't figured out I get to do lighting and sound for them and make all of them pretty. Yay!!! (note the sarcasm) I get to live every girls dream, except mine. No one knows what the back stage people have to do. I sweat all the time, fix everything, and have to make sure microphones and cameras work. Oh and I have to do sound check for 5 flipping hours not counting the hours spent on make-up. Can't get any worse right? No. The manger found me after the first concert and asked to join him for a meeting to be their personal tech/ hair and make-up gal. Wait for it... BY MYSELF!! I will go on tour with them, once again "Livin' the dream...." The "best" part in every fan girls mind is I get to ride on the bus with them because I am around there age and have to be on hand. I mean they are a good band and all but every day for a year will get old fast especially because I don't personally know them very well. The meeting went okay I guess. The guys kept staring at me though. It was kinda cute because if I caught them they would blush. The manager and his boss agreed to pay me a fair enough price and I made a deal, only if when the band gets meals so do I with them paying. They agreed and drove me home to pack. I told my mom everything. She was always the laid back kinda mom and told me I could go if i called at least 3 times a week. My dad was all proud that his only daughter had followed in his footsteps, in a way. He almost started crying. I asked the manager if I could call my best friend, Lydia, to say goodbye. He said ''Fine, but you cant tell where we stay and stuff like that.''  "Okay! Thank you."

After I said my goodbyes and loaded my stuff on the bus we were off.

The Bus:

The bus ride is not that bad. We have heat and I have my own bed. There are like 50 outlets so the guys and I never fight over them. I have my computer, phone, IPod, and IPad mini, so I don't have to listen to them if I don't want to. But most of them are playing truth or dare and told me to join in. I sat down and started playing. It came around to me, I have always been the daring girl so I said dare. Zayn says "Oh I got one lets make her go up to the manager and give him a squeeze hug." " Fine" I replied. I go up to the manager and hug him as hard as I can. When I let go he asks what that was for and I said "Oh nothing." and ran back to the boys as they were laughing there heads off. It was my turn to ask someone so I asked Zayn. "Truth or Dare?" "Lets go with dare." he replies. "Um oh go wake Niall up by laying in bed with him and poke him till he wakes up." " Ok." Zayn walks over and gets in bed with Niall. Harry starts to record it. "Niall wake up princess." Zayn keeps poking him. Niall wakes up and yells. "Ahh! what the hell are you doing!" Zayn jumps up laughing and runs back to the circle. Niall gets up and joins us. Zayn asks him "Truth or Dare?" "Um truth." he replies." Would you go out with Harry if he was a girl?" Zayn asks. Harry flips his hair and gives Niall a girly grin. "No" Niall states."Why?" Harry asks. " Your ugly as a guy I don't want to see you as a girl." Niall jokes. "Oh that's it" Harry jokingly tackles Niall. They start wrestling and Niall is winning. "Ok tap out tap out" Harry breaths. Niall lets go and we all burst out laughing. You guys need to get some sleep the manager says after an hour of us playing random games. "Fine" we all whine. We all head to bed and I can see all of us are on our phones for an hour before we actually get tired. I l lock my phone and try to go to sleep. But I keep thinking this is not as bad as I thought it would be.

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