Boys will be boys.

I am living every girls dream, but mine. I get to tour with One Direction because I get to do their make-up and fix all the tech stuff. Thanks mom and dad for giving me these gifts. (Note the sarcasm.) Will it change after being with them? Read to find out.


8. Not again,

Liv's POV:

It has been 4 days and I have refused to talk to Harry. He tries and tries but I just stop him. I can see it in him that he truly doesn't want me to hurt, but his big green eyes are full of hurt and guilt. Even Zayn tells me Harry is not the same and that I am making a mistake. I just can't bear to see what the fans have said.


Day 5 new show new city.


When I do his hair and make-up it is completely silent. I think it is for the best. The worst part of the job of makeup is that I have to look at his hurt face through it all. If I didn't have to be here I sure as hell wouldn't. I know he has a temper but I don't know if I can put up with that. What if he hurts me like he did to Zayn. Would he?


Harry's POV:


I can't take this anymore I need Liv back. This hurts so much. She asked the guys to share a room with me last night and so she could have one by herself clamming she had cramps or something. I know it was just a way to get away from me. I can tell that she is afraid of what I could do if I got angry. That is why she is keeping her distance. I want her to know I would never hurt her, first I have to prove it. This is going to be hard. I am not in the mood for a show. But I have to do it for the fans. But I do not want Liv alone for a while. What if she goes back to cutting. It is only about an hour she should be fine. Right?


Liv's POV:


I made the mistake of looking at twitter and Instagram. I see a picture of me laughing at the hotel one night... Harry posted it with the caption: I screwed up bad, Liv will not even talk to me unless she has to....... Liv if you see this... I love you and I never want to loose you!!! I promise I will never hurt you... I love you.


Then the comments....


So many selfish people....


"She doesn't deserve you!!"


"She isn't even pretty!"


"She is not right for you, forget about her and leave."


That was it I couldn't handle anymore I know I promised Harry that I would never harm again but just like his promise to never hurt me, promises are sometimes meant to be broken. So I do it. It has been so long and I am going back... Is this what love does? I hurt so much. I cut so many. They are not that deep because I did make one promise I do not plan on breaking and that is I will not walkout and leave Harry. I did promise that. The cuts were small enough to cover with some wristbands. Hopefully Harry will not notice my style change.


~About an hour later.~


I was in Harry's dressing room when he go out of the shower. He walks out with only a towel around his hips. I swear he does this more than normal just to mess with me. He throws on  a pair of boxers after walking around the whole room in the buff. I feel my cheeks go red. He must have seen them because he smirked and looked at me and winked before putting on the boxers.


He sits down on the couch and tilts my head so I look at him. He just looks at me and after a few minutes of him looking in my eyes to my sole. He takes my hands. He missed. He hit just right and I wince. Right away he knows whats up. He has a worried and shocked look on his face mixed with a bit of guilt.


"What did you do Liv?"

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