Boys will be boys.

I am living every girls dream, but mine. I get to tour with One Direction because I get to do their make-up and fix all the tech stuff. Thanks mom and dad for giving me these gifts. (Note the sarcasm.) Will it change after being with them? Read to find out.


7. I'm Sorry Liv.

Zayn's POV:

I feel kinda bad for what I said. It was a joke I don't know why she didn't see that. Her and Harry are still sitting in each others arms across the bus. Harry is just glaring at me. His cheek is starting to bruise I guess I did get a good swing in on him before he beat the crap out of me. "Liv" "Just leave her the f*** alone Zayn I don't want you to talk to her ever again until you can learn some manners!!!'' Harry shouts. "Babe Liv tells Harry. She touches his cheek and it is like he snaps out of it. The bus stops we are at our hotel. He calms down and gets up half carrying half dragging Liv to the hotel. They both grab there bag and head in. We are having the same room assignments so Harry and Liv go to theirs making sure they lock the conjoining door. I can hear yelling. I put in my headphones and try to tune it out.


Liv's POV:

"I don't care Harry he is one of your best friends!' I scream. "So he shouldn't have said that to you, He made you cry of course I am going to do something about it!" He said. Just stop I knew crap like this was going to happen but I didn't it expect it to be from you or your friends!!!! I scream! I expected it to be from some crazed fan." We are both silent. I calm down a bit and say:  I can't take this anymore maybe I should just quit. I knew from the beginning that this would be hard. I did not expect it to be near impossible". I unlock the conjoining door half praying their side is open. I ask if I can sleep in their room and the say no I was very confused. Niall speaks up and says that I need my space to send Harry over. "Ok I guess" I walk back in  our I mean my room and tell Harry that I want some space and ask if he could sleep in the guys room. We take one last look at each other and I know we are thinking the same thing.


~Next morning~


 Harry and I don't talk very much this morning. Just a few "morning", "hey"s and "I'm sorry"s. I get breakfast from room service and Zayn walks in with his. We sit in silence for a few minutes and he speaks up saying he is sorry and that Harry misses me. I tell him to send Harry over before we have to leave. "Ok" is all he says and walks out. Seconds later Harry runs in. He goes to hug me but I put my hand up. " I say as calmly as I can "I can't do this Harry. I love you but I can't go back." He starts to say something and I cut him off. "Harry please just stop." He pulls me into a hug and I push him off. "Can we just take a break for a few days please I can't go back please don't make me go back." "I love you Liv and I will do anything to protect you please don't do this," he tells me. "Think about it please I don't want to loose you."


~He walks out~


What have I done.  I can't loose him. And he will not let me leave. I don't want a break but this is for the best. I am not making him loose his best friends over me.




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