Boys will be boys.

I am living every girls dream, but mine. I get to tour with One Direction because I get to do their make-up and fix all the tech stuff. Thanks mom and dad for giving me these gifts. (Note the sarcasm.) Will it change after being with them? Read to find out.


9. I...I...I'm Sorry.

Harry's POV:

She winces when I grab her arm. "What did you do Liv?'' I say. No response. "WHAT DID YOU DO?!?!" I scream. "We made a promise!! You said you would never do it again!" Niall comes running in. "What is going on?" He grabs my arm and I shut down and fall. My vision goes fuzzy.


Everything goes black....


Liv's POV:

What have I done Harry is lying lifeless at my feet. He got to worked up. I call 911. They rush over. I tell them he is unconscious. But he seems to be breathing normally. They ask if he had been to active or had been yelling. I say yes. He wakes up about a minute later. The nurse was about to put him on the stretcher but he refused. He got up and sat on the couch again. The nurse walks up to me and tells me if he wants to stay then so be it. But to call if it happens again.


I take Harry to his bed and lay down next to him. I trace his tattoos with my fingers until he falls asleep. I may have ruined everything.


I start to get up. He must have felt me move because he woke up and grabbed my arm. Careful to not hit my wrist. "No stay." he whispers. "Why do you love me?" I ask. "Why wouldn't I love you?" He says. "Because I left you alone, I didn't talk to you, I broke a promise, I..." I start. "Stop it. You only see the stuff that went wrong. Why I love you? That is easy. You complete me you gave me a chance I love listening to your stories you went against your gut to be with me and that took a lot of courage. You are there for me, I respect you, I care about you and I will never let you go. I love you.


"I'm so so sorry. I know I should not have cut but I could not take all the comments and the hurt look on your face." 


Do you know how hard the days were that I had to look you in the eye and act like I was okay?


It was so hard...




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