Boys will be boys.

I am living every girls dream, but mine. I get to tour with One Direction because I get to do their make-up and fix all the tech stuff. Thanks mom and dad for giving me these gifts. (Note the sarcasm.) Will it change after being with them? Read to find out.


4. Date?

Harry and I talked as I did the lights and stuff and I found out we have started liking each other at around the same time. He just didn't know how I would answer if he asked me out. I told him I would go out on a real date with him only if I didn't get hate. You could see that look on his face knowing there would be if it happened. After a couple of silent minutes he asked why I could not ignore the hate from stupid people. I replied with " After  I am done with the lights I will tell you." I took my time after that.

20 minutes later.

I do the guys makeup and save Harry for last. When I walk in to Harry's  dressing room he stands up. Before I say anything he hugs me and I can see he is crying. I pull back and say " What's wrong?" He just looks at me for a minute and then says ''I don't know a way to keep that promise. I just.. just can't think of one." he is stuttering a lot. I can see how much he wants there to be an us. We sit on the couch and talk about it.


I tell him why. I tell him everything. From the depression to the cutting to the part how confused I was with liking him. He just listens. I just break down crying. He scoots over and just holds me. I can hear him humming but I can't tell what it is. I look up at him and see how much this boy has affected me in a couple weeks. After a couple minutes the boys walk in and see me. They run over and ask "Whats wrong" and stuff like that. Harry tells them "It's nothing if she wants to talk about it she will tell you." "Okay?" Liam questions. They walk out exchanging glances.


Harry's POV:


Liv has just told me everything. It is kind of hard to take it all in. She was crying on my chest until she wore herself out and fell asleep on me. I just look at her and all her beauty. She has so many problems with herself. But the way she makes me feel I dunno I guess I don't see the flaws and problems. The guys come in to tell me its time to go. I can't decide to wake her up or not. I decide to let her rest but, I kiss her cheek and tell her that it will be okay. I know its cheesy but I mean what do you say to a girl that cut and may start again if she gets hate from others. She thinks that we won't work out that there will be hate and stuff. Although I think if my fans love me enough if I ask they will be nice and the ones that don't I will block and be disappointed with them.


I have an idea. I tell the guys my plan.


Near the end of our performance I see Liv standing in the wings. Before the last song I say to the audience to "Hold on I was having some tech. difficulties." I ask Liv to come on stage and help me. She walks out with a confused look. She checks the mic and tells me nothing is wrong with it. I look at her wink and say "I know." As she turns to leave I grab her arm and pull her back. I grab her hand and look at the audience. " Guys, I have something to tell you. I have fallen in love with this girl. Her name is Olivia and she has said no to being my girlfriend because she does not want you guys to hate her. She thinks she is ugly and untalented. I think other wise. Why I am telling you this is because I love her and I want to date her but she is scared." The crowed is silent. "Who likes the lighting and the sound?" the crowd and the guys cheer, "Who thinks our make-up looks great?" They cheer again. "all of this was done by Miss. Olivia." They cheer once more. "So will there be no hate if I date this amazing girl?" I get a big cheer once more and look back at Liv. She is smiling and tears are streaming down her face. "So will you be my girlfriend?" I ask. "Yes Harry. I love you." She hugs me and the boys start into the song Little Things. I sing to Liv the whole time.


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