This story is a continuation of ¨The Day After¨ if you have not read The Day After please go to my Stories and read it.
Meredith and Max have gotten into a car accident it does not mention in the story ( Sorry ) but they were knocked off the road by a Semi-Truck. Will they be okay?


8. Chapter 8

¨Kristy I had no idea¨ she just stares into space, but it looks like she´s staring at Meredith.

¨Now she´s this way.¨

¨It´s not your fault¨

¨Yes,¨ my phone rings and it´s my actual sister calling.  I step outside of the room and answer it.
¨Hello? Harley?¨



¨Hi. Um. Where are you at?¨

¨The Hospital¨

¨What room number?¨

¨Number,¨ I look at the number ¨105.¨

¨Okay.¨ and she just hangs up.  I walk back to the room to Kristy.

¨What was that about?¨ she asks

¨I don´t know.  Harley wanted to know what Hospital room I was at.¨


¨I don´t know that either.¨ A few hours later Kristy goes home.

¨See you tomorrow.¨

¨Okay.¨ and I doze off.


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