This story is a continuation of ¨The Day After¨ if you have not read The Day After please go to my Stories and read it.
Meredith and Max have gotten into a car accident it does not mention in the story ( Sorry ) but they were knocked off the road by a Semi-Truck. Will they be okay?


5. Chapter 5

 I get home and pull into the drive-way.  I walk up towards the door and jerk it open.  I slam it shut.  I´m super upset with myself, so I punch my wall over and over again until there´s more blood on my knuckles.  I go to my bedroom and look at myself in the mirror.  My legs still hurt.  I didn´t plan for this to happen.  Her being like she is.  Me acting this way.  Kristy yelling at me.  Meredith is still perfect... But she´s damaged.

I hop in the shower to calm down before I damage something/someone else.  Meredith means the world to me... and I hurt her.  Badly.

I messed up.  Badly.


I get out of the shower and wrap a towel around my waist.  I go back to my closet and pick out something else to throw on.  I´m so glad I left my phone here.  I call Kristy.


¨Hi.  Um... Does she have a concussion?¨
¨Yes, the doctor said it was minor though.¨

¨So... She´s going to be okay?¨
¨Hopefully.  Yes.¨


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