This story is a continuation of ¨The Day After¨ if you have not read The Day After please go to my Stories and read it.
Meredith and Max have gotten into a car accident it does not mention in the story ( Sorry ) but they were knocked off the road by a Semi-Truck. Will they be okay?


2. Chapter 2

I charge towards her... My legs.

I´m not supposed to be running but I can´t just leave her there.  I run to the car and get down on my hands and knees.  She´s still there... Asleep.

Her hand is sticking out of the car window, with cuts, bruises, scars, and blood.  Her scarf hasn´t changed color.  I grab her hand, squeeze it tight and say ¨Please wake up..., ¨  I vaguely hear the fireman calling for me to leave her alone.

¨Please wake up, you can´t die.  Please don´t... I love you, Okay?  I have for a long time.  I want you...,¨ At this point I´m crying.  ¨I need you.¨ I´m done telling her what I wanted to.  I´ve cried so much I feel like I can´t talk.  I need to go but... I don´t want to.

Then... I feel her hand twitch.  I turn and look back at the fireman, he has a suprized look on his face.  As the fireman is starting to run to her, he whistles for more people to help her out.  They load her up in the ambulance, set me back there with her, and drive to the hospital.  Come to find out the helicopter was the news, and there´s a tow truck picking up my car.  I still haven´t seen her eyes open, they have an air mask over her mouth.

She´s alive.  Thank the LORD that she is alive.

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