This story is a continuation of ¨The Day After¨ if you have not read The Day After please go to my Stories and read it.
Meredith and Max have gotten into a car accident it does not mention in the story ( Sorry ) but they were knocked off the road by a Semi-Truck. Will they be okay?


10. Chapter 10

We sit there in silence for a little while.


¨It´s been four almost five days that she´s been in a coma.... What if she doesn´t wake up?........¨

¨Don´t say that Max... She will... I´m gonna go get a coffee to wake me up more.  You want one?¨

¨Yes.  Please.  Do you know how I like mine?¨

¨Yeah.  She´s told me before.  She talked about you a lot.  Same as always?¨

¨Yeah.¨ Kristy leaves to go get our coffee´s, I stare scared and angered and hopelessly at her.  She´s not gonna wake up.

I can feel it.

And it´s all my fault.  All of this is my fault, she´s in a coma, has a concussion;  Harley´s here, I haven´t heard or seen her in a while.  Three people I love dearly might be gone, dead.  One of them might be my fault.  My mom, my dad,and Meredith.  Her death may be all on me.

As I´m standing there, running all these thoughts through my head.



Her eyes open, and she´s not asleep anymore.

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