Feeling Alone

Laurie or "Widow" is a girl that ran away from her family, lives in a one bedroom apartment, and has a voodoo doll....Marcy. She is that type of 'Emo" girl every girl hates......but every "Fuck Face" Boy "hits" on. But if some one could free here of all her hate, would it work?


4. 4










                                      Today is Friday, fuck. Its the day were I have to pay my school dept. I think I will pay it tomorrow. Any way when it was fourth period I was walking in the hall when a girl bumped in to me. She did sorry hand motions. She had grey eyes like me and long smooth black hair, and she was a little bit taller then me. I could tell she could see my cut. I walked off before she could talk. Then as I was riding the bus, I saw her,......on my bus! SHIT! GOD DAMN IT! I guess I will just walk to school for now on....


                                             I also got my self harassed by a street "Fuck Face" so......that was fun. When I went to the bath room I looked at my cut. It was healing pretty good. But not good above. As I was walking out of the bathroom I saw the fucking girl again. What The Fuck!? Is she some sort of stockier?! I zoomed out of the store before she could see me. Well at least I think she didn't see me. I didn't stop running in tell I got to my apartment. Who the fuck does that girl think she is?! NO ONE NEEDS TO TALK, TOUCH, OR BE FRIENDS WITH ME!!!!! I only ran away for one reason and one reason only.......to be alone. 



*************************************************************************************************************************************Hey guys, Anime Girl :3  ! I just wanted to say the girl character was from a book called, "trusting you" By my friend Kate Ivy Rouekio! Bye!

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