Feeling Alone

Laurie or "Widow" is a girl that ran away from her family, lives in a one bedroom apartment, and has a voodoo doll....Marcy. She is that type of 'Emo" girl every girl hates......but every "Fuck Face" Boy "hits" on. But if some one could free here of all her hate, would it work?


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                           My name is Laurie. At my high school people call me widow, why? Because.....I don't talk to anybody. I pay for my own school. I ran away from my step-parents. I have blonde pixie hair cut, gray eyes, and my favorite color is not black, gray. I live in a one bedroom apartment...... the only person I feal safe next to is.....well......my voodoo doll. I named it Marcy. Any way right now I'm doing home work. Its 2:00 a.m In the morning, I never fell tired. But I need to go to bed..... 

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