Eros vs Thanatos: Whoever wins... We lose

Ice and flame, tenderness and passion, love and a decade-long friendship, all of these in a new breath-taking novel "Eros vs Thanatos: Whoever wins... We lose". It's a story about the relationships of Ville Hermanni Valo and Bam Margera right from the beginning. Translated from Russian by Sinistral Unicorn and Ankhesenpaaten Ra.


10. Chapter 10


Strange or natural?

But after the incident Ville somehow felt significantly easier in the sense of his angst towards Mige. All of a sudden, he no longer had to keep his desire under wraps, and the epic mischief, which they did together, brought them closer in general. As friends, not as lovers. Good God, none of them was experienced enough in the sense of amorous matters for the experience to bring them closer as lovers.

The next day they were hanging in the kitchen when they woke up. Ville was having a good old “coffee and cigarettes” kind of breakfast, barely managing to hold the fag with his shaking fingers, and was trying to squeeze at least a one single drop of beer out of the raw of empty cans, scattered all over the table. Meanwhile, Mige was concentrated on making a slightly more nutritious breakfast – he made some toasts and at the moment was thoughtfully meditating over the inhospitable contents of Ville’s fridge. He didn’t know about the other two, but he was starving.

‘Good morning!’ Hiili walked into the kitchen, dressed in a silk Japanese robe, which once belonged to Ville’s girlfriend. Ville, who was sitting on a chair in his boxers, resting his chin on his knee, took a drag and cackled gleefully. There was something epically perverse about the fact that his first lover was dressed that way for the breakfast, which was cooked by the incarnated and therefore oblivious to the need to cover his hairy ass with the earthly garments Pan, whom his dear friend Mige was embodying.

‘Hello, dear,’ Ville said and even kissed Hiili on the forehead, without letting the cigarette out of his hands or changing his position. ‘Want some coffee?’ he offered Hiili his cup.

‘Thanks, love,’ said Hiili, taking the cup.

Thank God, Hiili didn’t hold the grudge against them. By the way, it’s crazy to think what just one stupid reckless trick of yours can do at times. Ville liked the incredible dedication, which Hiili showed at serving him, them, and the great purpose of reckless abandon in general. Frankly, something even moved in Ville’s heart for him.

Mige later said that it was just a Sacrament of sorts.

Even though Ville's obsession hadn't passed completely, it lessened significantly. Mige began to seem a bit more down-to-earth, and what comes to Hiili, he realized that the man was looking for warmth, just like himself. Ville even began to feel ashamed. Terribly ashamed. For all that time, when he did not feel anything for him.

‘Hiili,’ he said with a sniff.

Damn, he was such a scumbag in their relationship. He was probably a scumbag in general, but he felt that he had yet to discover the depths of his own scumbaggery.

‘Reap the fruits of your Lord,’ Mige said, serving the breakfast. ‘By the way, I have no idea how many chicken souls I’ve killed for this omelet, a question to you, my vegetarian brothers.’

Some time had passed, and all those evens seemed to had happened ages ago, to Ville especially. They were recording their new album. And in fact, Ville was doing almost everything by himself. No, his friends didn’t fail him, but for him it was just a kind of a “matter of honor”.

So thanks to their stupidity or, perhaps, their wisdom – it's so hard to figure out which was what when you take a look back – Villa suddenly not only freed from addiction, but was able to live with it. At times, he even felt like singing something like “Freedom! ‘90”. Everything seemed to settle down. Everything and everyone was ok. Mige didn’t try to delimit the boundaries, and Ville... Ville just didn't want to.

Well, there’s the thing you have to understand correctly.

He always wanted. But he knew that he gave Mige everything he possibly could, and Mige in his turn gave him only what he, Mige, found necessary. Ville wasn't sure that this was his idea of love. He wanted to be loved back with the same desperate lust, which he felt, he wanted someone to lose their mind and dissolve in the object of love the same way he did. He wanted to be a fetish for someone, at least as big as Mige was for him. He was aroused by the mere idea of someone wanting him that way. It aroused him even more than the sex itself.

Oh well.

Oh well, and then suddenly there was Bam.

Ville did not hesitate for too long.

‘So, what are you going to do about him?’ Mige asked, reclining on the bed and lazily pretending to be staring at the TV. It happened that morning in Nottingham, when Ville awoke after his fabulous fling with Bam in London.
‘Whatever the fuck I want,’ Ville snapped.

‘Here we go again. What the hell got into you this time?’ Mige wondered. ‘What now?! Another flare up? Who the hell didn’t fuck you this time? You have a whole line of people waiting out there, just say one word, any of them would be more than happy to help you.’

‘I don’t want to be fucked.’

‘OH YOU DON’T?!’ Mige exclaimed in a surprised manner, nervously switching the channels. ‘And I always thought that it was your only problem.’

‘You scum,’ Ville hissed through his teeth, thoughtfully looking in the mirror and wiping his face.

‘Love is blind,’ Mige noted philosophically.

Ville felt the little beads of sweat spring to his forehead and temples, his jaw locked, and his hands were shaking. It was a very unpleasant conversation for him, for a lot of reasons, but it was impossible in any way to avoid it.

‘I want to be loved. I want someone to love me. Love. Me. Too. There is a difference in the words. Although it is slight. And generally incomprehensible, but there is. A difference. A nuance. A tiny little nuance. He loves me.’

‘Oh my,’ Mige made a face. ‘Cry me a river.’

Ville turned his back to the mirror, which hung on the wall opposite Mige’s bed, and leaned against it.

‘I want love. I want to be loved, Mige. Just loved. And not only by my mom, dad and the late dog.’

‘You forgot your late turtle. Oh, and the fishes. They loved you too, until you flushed them down the toilet as a part of an experiment,’ Mige said in a flat voice.

‘The turtle is still alive,’ Ville said grimly. ‘And you I hate.’

‘I love you, Ville,’ Mige said.

‘Whatever. I don’t need it anymore,’ Ville said, arching his back like a scraggy infuriated cat, leaning on the foot of Mige’s bed.

He knew that he was hurting his friend. He wanted to. Okay, there's no point to play saints here, he nearly got off out of delight as he said those words. He almost screamed with joy when he saw the grimace of pain on Mige’s face. He stepped into the forbidden territory where he wasn’t supposed to go, but they both new he would go there, sooner or later. And he was hurt too. It didn’t offset his own distress for their relationship.

Mige sat there with a vacant look on his face. Ville rocked on his heels back and forth, holding onto the footboard of Mige’s bed and giggling, when Mige abruptly threw the remote against the wall, sprang up up on the bed, and grabbed Ville by the neck, forcefully throwing him off and making him painfully hit his back against the mirror.

‘Cunt,’ Ville spit.

‘And what if you’ll need it one day?’ Mige asked him through clenched teeth.

‘Fuck you,’ Ville broke free and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him.

However, as the reader already knows, there came a moment in life, when it turned out that he needed it.

Needed it really bad.

Well, he was not the timid sort. He just came up to Mige and told him that he was right.

He really needed it.


However, lets fast forward to the storyline of the current time. So, Ville went to the balcony, noticed that the balcony of the neighboring room was very close to theirs and asked whether it was Linde’s and Zoltan’s.

‘Oh yeah... It’s ours...’ Linde sneered skeptically, ‘OURS.’

Bam got up from the floor, curiously peeking outside over Ville’s shoulder. ‘What do you think? Can we climb over there?’ Ville asked him quietly.

‘Wait a sec...’ Bam carefully crept under Ville’s elbow and stepped onto the small railed balcony, measuring it’s height by eye and trying the sturdiness of the balustrade with his hands. Then he clutched at the architectural extravagance of an ambiguous form and non-obvious purpose above his head, deftly swung his leg over the railings and put his foot on the floor of Zoltan’s balcony. At that moment, they heard a long, provocatively erotic female moan coming out of the window. Bam quickly threw his leg back, and Ville, who was melancholy smoking a cigarette on the step that separated the balcony from the room, promptly caught him by the scruff of his borrowed shirt, making sure he didn’t fall.

‘Looks like your Queen of Queers is one hell of a womanizer!’ Bam said admiringly.

‘I am the Queen here,’ Ville said seriously, a cigarette clamped between his teeth. ‘Of everything. Queers included.’

‘Heh-heh-heh-heh,’ Bam burst out laughing over Ville’s statement. At the moment he really must have looked like a playful mischievous kitten caught by the scruff.

‘Sh-h-h-h, you’ll give as away,’ Ville said and dragged him back into the room.

‘So, what do you say?’ Mige asked lazily, rummaging through his bag.

‘We can climb there. Easy-peasy!’ Bam said happily.

‘Cool. So, what are we gonna do?’ Linde asked.

‘No hospitalization this time,’ Mige said. ‘It made us feel bad, and we were worried for him. I suggest we pass on the fire extinguisher this time around.’

‘Yeah,’ Ville said. ‘We didn’t like the way it felt afterwards. We felt ashamed for a long time after that.’

‘It wasn’t exactly a nice thing to do,’ Linde nodded.

‘Well… Anyway…’ Ville decided to intensify the flow of inspiration, grabbed a bottle of wine from a bedside table and opened it, working a corkscrew like a true aristocrat. However, as soon as the cork was out, all of his put on aristocratism vanished into the thin air, as he eagerly wrapped his lips around the neck of the bottle, sucking on it like a yearning bitch.

‘Do you want some?’ He asked Bam, putting down the bottle of the Joy Juice.

‘Will you give it to me?’ Bam asked in his turn.

‘I’ll give it to you.’

Mige and Linde roared with laughter. And the way Ville started wining Bam, who was lying spread-eagle on his back, didn’t make it any easier for them to calm down.

The guys were having so much fun, that they almost forgot about their ultimate plan for the evening.

However, the human female behind the wall moaned yet again, even more clearly this time, bringing them back to earth. Bam diligently mimicked her. Ville took away the bottle and took its neck back into his mouth, and Bam couldn’t help but stare at his lips and his trembling Adam’s apple. He was deep in his thoughts.

And his thoughts were of such matter:
“This is fucking embarrassing,” he thought. The last 24 hours of recklessness and sex were definitely having its tall on him. What a shame, he didn’t even feel like messing with Zoltan. Or rather he did, but the part of his brain that was responsible for creating stupid ideas at the moment was too busy trying to figure out a way to have another quickie or to with Ville. He was almost literally drooling over Ville’s lips sliding up and down the bottle neck. Unfortunately, at the moment he was completely and utterly useless in any other case. He was hoping, though, that Ville's mates would take his temporal retarded state for a jet-lag.


Furthermore, tomorrow he would have to shove off to get back on set of his TV show. But before that he just had to find a way to have a nooky with Ville, at least one more time. He made a mental note to ask Ville if he would be having a break from touring any time soon, so he would come over and the two of them would hang out together for whatever amount of days they would manage to have. Bam wanted to fall asleep and wake up next to Ville, he wanted to wine and dine him, he wanted to breathe him, he wanted to talk to him and him only… he wanted relaxed and refreshed Ville to suck his weenie the same way he was sucking the bottle neck at the moment, without any rush. He wanted to suck Ville’s weenie too and he believed that Ville wanted the very same thing. He even thought at that moment, that he wasn’t sure what he wanted more - to fuck Ville or simply to be around him. He wanted it all, he wanted them to spend every single minute together, cuddling, chatting about some bullshit, getting turned on, kissing and cherishing each other all day long.

How fucking vanilla of him.

And still.

‘How can I be of service to you, my Master Satan?’ Bam studiously kissed up to Ville.

Really, if it wasn’t for his and his lover’s working schedule, he would gladly spend all of his time kissing, licking, eating Ville’s ass. Whichever way you want to call it. But Mige extended his arm, offering him a handshake, so Bam had to stop observing the swallowing reflexes of his loved one and get up to return it.

‘By the way, I’ve found my and Lily’s outfits,’ Mige said. ‘Two silk cassocks, we can wear those. Do they have a Bible in here? Are we going to pee on the Bible?’

‘Naturally,’ Linde said. ‘It’s inactivated otherwise, which means it doesn’t work. Not for our Guild of Excretion anyway.’

‘Well, and where’s the element of surprise?’ Ville asked skeptically. ‘He’s seen you in those cassocks. Oh, and the chick has to soak up the spirit of it too, which means you’ll have to pee on the Bible in front of them both. Are you willing to pee on the Bible in front of her?’

It was that moment when Bam realized that he was head over heels in love. Well, of course, by that time he already knew that he had entered a new relationship and that he was in love, in general, but at that very moment… Damn, it was the point of no return. He just knew that he didn’t have to explain anything. Both of them, they would never have to explain anything to each other.

‘You can pee into my mouth, if you want,’ Bam offered wholeheartedly, willing to fit in.

He could swear that he caught Ville’s interested glance on him, as he said that.

‘I believe I’ve told Ville,’ Mige said strictly. ‘We don’t mess around with the under aged, because we don’t want to deal with the consequences…’

‘Hey, are you trying to diss me?..’ Bam took an offence.

‘Nah,’ Ville said.

‘Nah,’ said Mige.

‘It’s just that we’ll be responsible for you, if anything goes wrong,’ Linde explained.

‘Have you heard of Exupery?’ Ville asked.

‘Eggs-oope-what?’ Bam wondered.

‘Well, you know, he wrote the story about a dude, who had tamed a fox, and the dude knew that from then on he was responsible for it forever…’

‘I’m your fox,’ Bam said readily, resting his head on Ville’s thigh, huffing and puffing to make the picture complete. ‘Will you tame me?’

‘Oh, he will,’ Mige said thoughtfully, cracking open a can of beer. ‘Trust me, you’re going to beg for mercy.’

‘Let’s think of something else,’ Linde exhaled pensively, observing the idyllic scene before him. ‘Look, you’ve got some brilliant curtains over here.’

‘Oh God, Lily, not again, you know they are going to charge us for this…’ Mige groaned.

‘Go on, Lily. What do you mean by “brilliant”?’ Ville asked curiously.

‘No, I mean, look,’ Lily sprang up from the bed and hopped up to the window to take a closer look at the curtains. ‘Look… It’s going to be fucking impressing… We can make some pretty sick ghosts… By the way, remind me to swipe these curtains when we leave, we might need it for some future projects…’

‘Oh fuck,’ Ville and Mige said simultaneously.


‘Look over here, you demons…’ Lily promptly ripped down the curtain in one mighty thug and covered himself in it.

Well, sure enough, it looked pretty damn impressive…

‘Imagine this thing flying into his love alcove from the balcony…’

‘True,’ Ville and Bam agreed. ‘And we could paint it a scary face.’

‘Me! Me! Can I be the one to fly in there?’ Bam volunteered.

‘Go ahead,’ Linde said.

‘Do you have a pen?’

‘No… Oh, wait!’ Ville got on all fours and started fumbling under the bed, looking for something. ‘I had an eyeliner somewhere… Here! We can use it to paint some terrifying eyes and shit… To compliment… The look, you know…’

‘The look, yeah,’ Bam nodded.

‘Cool,’ said Mige.

‘So, what kind of a look are we going for? Something like “Scream”?’

‘You can’t predict the outcome when it comes to work of art,’ Mige soberly estimated their painting abilities.

‘So, let’s go over the plan,’ Ville interfered. ‘You guys put on your cassocks, knock on their door and distract them by peeing on the Bible,' Ville was concentrated on painting some terrifying schizophrenic muzzle on the curtain, which he put right over Bam’s face. ‘Do they have a Bible in here?’

‘Positive,’ Mige replied, opening the drawer of the bedside table.

‘Meanwhile, me and Bam-Bam climb over to their balcony and fly in there like some fucking ghosts, right?’

‘Exactly,’ Mige said.

They found nail scissors to cut out the holes in the curtain for Bam’s eyes… Well… They were a little drunk, so Bam ended up having four pairs of eyes, which almost made them all die of laughter. Sure enough, each eye was lovingly outlined by Ville with a thick black line of eyeliner.

They couldn’t keep a straight face, looking at the fucking emanation of hell that they created. They couldn’t say a word, they were rolling on the floor, splitting their sides laughing. In fact, at one point they nearly decided to diss the whole idea and just stay there, they were just rolling on the floor, Linde and Mige dressed in their colorful silk cassocks and half-naked Ville. They were just lying there, dying of laughter, three of them on the floor and Ville spread across the bed, desperately gasping for air.

‘Now what am I going to wear?’ Ville asked. Linde and Mige immediately pulled off a bed sheet from the bed, making a second ghost, while Bam was wondering around the room, guffawing over his own reflection of an eight-eyed demon in the mirror.

‘WOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH,’ Ville howled, while Linde was kindly cutting out a hole in the bedsheet for him, so he would see where the fuck he was going.

If only Zoltan could feel their mood, he would have stayed their keyboard player ‘till the end of time. But he never did.

It was not supposed to happen, but at one point Juska’s friends, whom he knew far too well and far too intimately for his own liking, knocked on his door, while he was happily banging the prostitute, who was pretending to be having the time of her life.
Juska got up to open the door. Only to witness the epic scene of Mige, who was dressed in his red silk cassock, pensively urinating on the Bible, with a completely serene, imperturbable look on his face. While doing so, Mige didn’t fail to explain that he was the Son of Aphrodite, the Messenger of Gods, the God of Love, and that his urine had the power to cement the relationship. Linde, who was standing next to urinating Mige, was trying to support his friend – in all the senses you can possibly think of.

Bam and Ville heard an inhuman female shriek, followed by the sound of the shutting door.

‘The infiltration was a success,’ Bam said.

And he was right, it most definitely was.

Wrapped in a bedsheet, Ville threw his leg over the railings of the both balconies, swaying and grasping to anything and everything within his reach. Thank God, Bam was right there next to him, supporting him in every possible way, he even threw his leg over the railings behind his back.

‘Oops,’ Ville said.

‘What now?’ Bam asked.

‘I’m afraid of heights,’ Ville said.

‘Surely you could’ve mentioned it earlier, couldn’t you?’ Bam asked, his voice filled with despair of understanding rather than irritation.

‘No, I could not,’ Ville said gracefully, and Bam understood that he truly could not.

‘Alright, back off,’ he said. ‘I’ll go first and then I’ll help you over.’

‘How the fuck am I supposed to do that?’ Ville said pensively. ‘I don’t even know how to pull my leg back.’

Both of them were in their full ghostly dress, which wasn’t helping the situation at all.

That’s when Bam got really scared. He thought that the dude would lead the whole campaign, and the dude got stuck between the balconies like some fucking chick instead, and at the moment was tactfully informing him about the fact that he couldn’t move an inch.

‘Come here, baby,’ Bam pulled Ville back to their balcony. It was so fucking erotic. Because he was holding and pulling him by the waist. And apart from that it was an incredible moment for him, as he suddenly realized that his dear friend wasn’t always the leader… In the end, Bam fell on the floor, pulling after him the body that was supposed to lead him to the Heavenly Conquest. Ville fell on top of him, bellowing that he can’t fucking do it.

‘Shhhh, easy, kitty, we’ll bend them all,’ Bam said. In the end, the eight-eyed demon climbed over to Zoltan’s balcony first, pulling desperately swearing Ville after him. The broad, who was unlucky enough to walk to the window at that very moment, let out a blood-curdling scream, as the hellish ghost, played by athletic Bam, flew into the room. The other ghost crawled in after him, laughing and howling hysterically, still a little spastic after his climbing experience.

The damsel snatched her purse and flew out of the room, covering herself with a blanket. Juska set off after her, trying to calm her down, but he had no such luck.

Mige and Linde darted after them with loud ululation to see the pair off… Ville reflectively followed them, but Bam held him back. Well, he just snatched him across his waist, driving his crotch into his thighs, and pulled him back with a very distinctive meowing of a cat in heat.

‘He-e-e-e-e-y… Where are you going…’ Bam meowed.

It would’ve been rude to disobey his lover. Ville didn’t like to break the rules of etiquette when it came to lovers. Of course, he turned to Bam, who immediately carefully wrapped his arms around his waist, (which was pretty comfortable, considering their height difference) and pressed his lips against Bam’s with the eagerness and impatience of an athlete drinking his first bottle of water after a long marathon. Leaning over him, gasping for air and catching the movements of Bam’s lips with his mouth.
He turned around sharply, pressing Bam against the wall with the weight of his body, putting his arms up, and kissing him passionately. Bam felt his lower head coming to life, so he just let himself enjoy his lover’s desire.

‘Mmmm… Such an aggressive bitch,’ Bam hissed and giggled excitedly, pressed against the wall by another violent kiss, which would have dominated his will, if he had been dumb enough to resist it. ‘I like it… yeah… oh yeah… God dammit, yeah…’
Ville must’ve strangled him a little with his other hand, and although it made Bam burst out laughing, he still had to nervously catch his breath because it felt like his Adam’s apple got fucking crushed into his throat. But it felt fucking great. Bam rested his hands against his knees, recovered his breath, and then he straightened and abruptly yanked his t-shirt up… well, the t-shirt, which he borrowed from Ville, to be exact… He yanked it up and fixed it behind his neck, exposing his lust-filled and craving for caress modest boyish bosom.

‘Go ahead, take it,’ he chuckled, looking affectionately at Ville’s face change at those words. And not because he didn’t like Bam’s game.

‘AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH,’ Bam met Ville’s hands and teeth on his waist with an excited cry, as his new friend desperately and even somehow clumsily, to the point of pain, bit his nipples, one after the other. When the circulation in his nipples came back Ville’s mouth came back to them too, and Bam barely restrained from howling, as he suddenly understood the whole point of it.

‘Oh, FUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!' Bam arched his back, he was so hard, as if it was the first time that he was having sex that night. Simply because that creature was doing it. It was licking his nipples, hugging him across the waist, almost kneeling before him, kissing his chest, his neck, his stomach, oh, damn…

‘Come, let’s ritually violate Zoltan’s Altar of Love,’ Bam offered in an extremely concentrated manner. Sure enough, he had to concentrate really hard as he was feeling Ville’s tongue on his nipple, as each movement of that tongue was resonating in his borrowed pants, making them bulge in the most inappropriate way. But he was suspecting that the idea might turn Ville on, for a number of different reasons.

‘I like the idea, unless he and his Sister of Night have any STD’s,’ Ville said, confirming Bam’s thoughts. ‘But we won’t make it in time,’ he added, taking a peek at the door. Living with his mates for all those years turned him into a neurotic.

‘We’ll make it,’ Bam said. ‘I know how.’

‘How?’ Oh, that childish retarded trust in his eyes yet again. Bam was ready to sell his soul for it, right then and there.

Bam drew back, set on the bed, his legs wide apart, and ripped the zipper open, freeing his full hard cock. Ville was standing over him, watching him, his mouth half-open in the most distinctive way.

‘Come to me, baby,’ Bam patted the bed on the both sides of his thighs, inviting Ville to straddle his lap. Thank God, Ville hadn’t lost his key skill, which impressed Bam so much earlier that evening. Ville didn’t even try to imitate having any opinion of his own and without any hesitation obeyed Bam, who was reclining on Zoltan’s narrow single bed.

Bam undid Ville’s zipper.

‘Here, lick it,’ he said, pushing his middle and ring finger into Ville’s mouth. Ha, well, as if Ville really was going to raise an objection to that… ‘Lick my palm… Come on, do it… Do it right… Do it for us… Baby… Mmm…’ Oh damn, yet again, he wasn’t mentally ready that Ville would do it just the way he asked him to. That he would slowly and carefully lick his every finger, from the very wrist… Caressing with his tongue each and every erogenous zone, which Bam had no idea even existed there…

Ville straddled Bam’s lap and took out his own stiff cock out of the bonds of his tight pants, never stopping licking Bam’s palm, which he now had in his full possession. After the one last ecstatic smack, Bam took away his now well lubricated hand and promptly squeezed both of their hard dicks together, pumping them, synchronizing the movement of his hand with their accelerated heartbeat. Close together. Skin on skin.

Ville howled first, driving his hips into the wet embrace of Bam’s palm and falling on him, resting his elbows behind Bam’s head, overcome by the incredible feeling. It was like he was doing everything that he wanted, everything that he was used to, knowing the logic of his desire and knowing the way his hand felt on his dick, but this time it wasn’t HIS hand. The wet feeling of their thrilled dicks pressed together was simply unconceivable, as it felt like the skin of their cocks somehow became a billion times more sensitive… Bam swallowed hard, feeling the scent of Ville’s skin and hair right upon him, he almost literally died and was reborn at that very moment.

‘Aaah… more… mo-o-ore… Bammy-y-y,’ Ville’s brain lost somewhere beyond the borders of the known galaxy desperately moaned something that took both of them somewhere even further. Up and down, up and down, in a repetitive motion. Ville rested his arms on both sides from Bam’s head, whining like a little bitch and relishing that caress in the most indecent way, going insane, reveling in the fact that Bam was jerking his dick next to his own.

‘Come on, baby, give me your mouth,’ Bam said. Ville licked him up from his neck to his nose, including his cheeks and his chin.

‘Aaah…’ Bam groaned. And what else could he say apart from those countless “Aaahs”, feeling Ville’s lips and tongue all over him. He was pumping their dicks together. Again and again, making both of them dissolve in the infernal explosion of lust and excitement, caused by the simplicity of their intercourse, both of them were on the verge of falling into the abyss of joy. They didn’t have to go out of their way for this, there was no need to persuade anyone, Bam was simply jerking both of their dicks with his hand that was covered in Ville’s saliva, and when his palm stopped sliding smoothly enough, he took it to his mouth and licked it up voluptuously. He felt that Ville wanted to join him, but he didn’t let him, because now it was his turn to put on a show.
It has to be said that at the moment Bam was incredibly glad that he decided from the very beginning that their relationship would involve sex, as soon as possible. And it was the right decision, by the looks of it. It was the shortest way to winning HIM over. Hell knows what kind of personal reasons and issues caused this Demon’s craving for sex – Bam was certain that he was getting offers for free sex a dime a dozen every day – but he was readily yielding to Bam's every single gesture. Bam even forgave Mige, in a certain sense. Well, not really, but he understood him, because he realized that Mige simply didn’t stand a chance to resist in this case. Anyone, whose dick was working, wouldn’t stand a single chance. It was a mind-blowing feeling. No chick had ever made him feel that way.

Well, of course, technically, sex with chicks had that huge physiological and psychological advantage, because for one thing, it was giving more scope for experimentation in bed, and secondly, it was making him look cooler in his friends’ eyes. But it was always a fucking bargain “I’ll let you use my holes, but then you’ll have to give me this and that”. It was always that fucking feeling of guilt, when she would make it look like he was a goddamn pervert, asking for something outrageous, and that by allowing him to do what he wanted she was doing him a priceless favor.

And here it wasn’t like that. Of course, back then, when he was jerking off to the whole HIM thing back in his boyish bedroom, Bam knew that a creature that wanted nothing but sex was just a twist of his fancy. He liked jerking off to that creature. And the only thing that he knew about it at the time was the fact that it’s name was Ville. He couldn’t have known that that creature would be breathing hotly into his ear, begging him to let him cum. It was fucking mind-blowing. That voice. Begging him. To let HIM cum. Jesus-mother-fucking-Christ. He would have let him cum a long time ago, but it sounded so damn beautiful. However, he couldn’t hold it any longer either.

While the Hounds of Hell Lily and Mize were foiling their prey, Bam and Ville fell exhausted on the bed of love, which Zoltan had shared with a nameless nymph, covering the bed with a top sheet just in case.

‘Willah,’ Bam said, embracing Ville from behind.


‘What does Amour stand for?’

‘It means love in French. And it’s the name of the Greek God of Love.’

‘Oh, come on, I’m not that dumb.’

‘Aren’t you?’ Not that Ville really thought that Bam was dumb. Hell no. But Ville wouldn’t have been Ville, if he had missed the chance to bite the prey, which was ready to be seized. ‘Well then, it also stands for Eros, the God of Sexual Attraction.’

‘Better still,’ Bam said, his teeth slightly gritted. ‘Do you find him sexy?’

Ville didn’t like a faint note of scornful superiority in Bam’s voice. Interesting. Where the hell did it come from?

‘Yes, I do have a soft spot for sweet fatties like you,’ he said carelessly.

But Bam wasn’t that easy to throw off, especially if he knew the drill.

‘Mige has told me everything,’ Bam exhaled, it was finally the right time to discuss the one thing that worried him so much. He nearly got off as he felt Ville’s relaxed body instantly freeze in his embrace. He wanted to laugh about it, but Ville abruptly turned to him and hissed sharply through his teeth:
‘Mige couldn’t have told you anything,’ he sounded pretty damn cocky.

Bam smooched Ville on the neck.

‘One up to you. Zoltan did.’

‘What did Zoltan tell you?’ Ville looked intrigued as he broke free from Bam’s embrace and turned around on the bed, rising himself on his elbows and looking inquiringly at his mate.

‘Well, he said that you’ve dumped Mige…’

‘OH… THAT’S HOW IT IS?!’ Ville asked, not even trying to cover a slight passing hysterical note in his voice. He burst out with a heartfelt laugh, snorting like a hyena. ‘I’ve dumped Mige…’

‘Oi, do you want to hear the rest or not?’

‘I do-o-o,’ Ville drawled, much more interested this time. Bam decided not to test their relationship any further and gave Ville an encouraging smooch on the neck.

‘Well, when you left the room Zoltan was so bummed out… and, you know, he kinda said in front of everyone that you dumped Mige for a younger guy.’

‘No way! And who’s the lucky guy? You?’

‘Well, the weight of evidence suggests that.’

‘Mmmmm,’ Ville pouted his lips and blew Bam a kiss. ‘My young one… My little Che-rrr-y Pie…’

‘Tee-heh-heh-heh-heh-heeee,’ Bam couldn’t help but burst into a giggle. ‘Back at you, you asshole.'

Ville’s innocent gesture made Bam’s lips tingle with desire. Ah, to hell with it, we only live once, he grabbed Ville under his jaw, connecting his pouted lips with Ville’s in the obscenest smooch. They burst out laughing, but then their lips came back together:
‘But the thing is - Midge didn’t really deny it either,’ Bam said, biting Ville’s ill-fated chin.

‘Aw,’ Ville said in a strange voice. ‘Wow,’ however, he managed to stay composed, ‘Our main problem with Zoltan is that according to our subjective point of view, his outlook on reality is rather unobjective.’

‘I don’t think I understand what you just said,’ Bam said. ‘You know, must be the nuances of the language.’

‘Yeah, sure, it's not like you’re a native speaker,’ Ville said, getting up on his knees and pulling Bam by his ass closer to him.

Mige and Linde must have had enough of their entertainment and went back to the room, which Mige was supposed to share with Ville, and Zoltan came back to his room, too.

‘Well, hello, Zoltie,’ Ville said tenderly, turning around in Bam’s embrace. ‘Hello, my dear.’

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