Trust Me, I Should Know.

This is the story of two sisters, Lilly and Rose, their father, Midas, and his strange new secret. The sisters know their father is hiding something from them and are hell-bent on finding out what... Whatever it takes.


2. Rose - The Trapped Freedom.

I hear the unfamiliar sound of sobbing. I am torn. Do I investigate and risk possibly hurting the person that is sobbing or do I stay in my room and wallow in self-doubt?

I get up to explore.

Surprisingly the sound came from my happy-go-lucky sister. The one that never cries, not when she cut her knee in Year 3 and had to go to A and E, not when a bully at school punched her in the arm and she got a bruise the colour of charcoal, not even when she lost her diary and got a letter from a stranger saying that they had read everything in it (although she had locked herself in her room for five days - we had to leave a plate of food outside her door and every morning it would be empty). As surprised as I was I didn't leave my cool (or at least I tried not to) for more than a second. Instead I put my hand gently on her shoulder, my voice was as gentle as I could get it when I said "Sis?" she shrugged my hand off her shoulder. I tried again "tell me what's up, please, I want to help," When she answered her voice wasn't angry, but just sad as though she had no more fight left in her. This surprised me more, but what she actually said surprised me most of all: "Dad, he refused me to even high-five him after school and he seemed desperate, does he not love me any more". My sister grew poetic when she was faced with strong emotions but it was not that that had touched my heart. It was her shoulders shaking as she spoke, her tear-strained face as she looked up at me when she spoke and the lack of power in her voice. It had been there so long that I had stopped noticing it long ago, but now its absence was hard to miss. The flame that was forever burning inside her had been put out, and she had gone with it. I knew that there was kindling that could re-light her fire but I didn't own it. I, however, knew who did.

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