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Her name is Willow. She is strong. She is a warrior. But more than anything else, she is a survivor.


3. Unwanted

two weeks later


I smiled as I reached my house. Me and Damion had been meeting almost everyday for the past week, and I was starting to get comfortable with him again. I had even given him a hug as I left the café. I locked my bike up to the house, it was highly unlikely that it would get stolen all the way out here in the middle of the forest, but bikes are expensive, and this was a particularly nice bike. Unclipping my helmet I walked up to the door.


I pulled out my keys and opened the door. Silas was leaning against the wall."The Fuck???" I shouted.


"Hello Willow, haven't seen you in awhile," he said casually.


"How the fuck do you know where I live?" I growled at him. My hand started reaching down to my hip where one of my knives was concealed.


He shrugged, "I had Damion follow you home."


"I'm going to murder him..." I muttered.


"Don't you think you've hit him enough recently? I mean I'm the one who's in your house without an invitation..." He stood up straight.


I slapped him as hard as I could. He didn't even flinch, just looked down at me and blinked slowly. I hit him again. A red mark was forming across his cheek. His face was unreadable except for the look in his eyes. He was daring me to hit him.


I shoved him back. He shifted his weight slightly, but didn't he stumble. I pushed him again and again. His emotionless face was starting to make me furious. I balled up my fist and punched him in the chest. The corner of his mouth twitched, but he stayed silent. I hit him again, then my anger bubbled over and I started hitting him harder. Tears were forming in my eyes, and I hated him all the more for his detached expression.


My breath was coming too fast to continue. I placed my fists on his chest and buried my head into his shirt. I let silent tears of hatred, anger, and betrayal stream down my face. Some of them soaked into the dark gray fabric. We stood there for a few minutes. I was breathing heavily. He just stood there, a silent wall for me to lean on. My breathing began to slow down, and so did my tears.


He put his hand on my hair. I shivered at his touch. "Are you finished?" he asked lowly. I shivered again, "It's ok if you're not..." I shook my head, and pushed myself away from him. I was incredibly angry at myself for giving into emotions.


"How did you get in?" I demanded, "I know I locked that door." I wiped the tears from my eyes, steeling my expression into a sharp glare. He grinned, and took a lockpick out of his pocket. "I should have known," I muttered under my breath.


"You still like lavender tea right?" he said. "I made some for you it's on the counter."


"I'm not drinking any of that! How do I know you didn't drug it or something?" I said crossly.


He shrugged, "You don't..." I glared at him. "Wow, you really don't trust me at all do you?"


"You're surprised by this?"


He nodded conceding my point, "Touche." He sat down in the lavender beanbag. I dropped down onto a cushion. 


"You should go," I said.


"I like your house," he said ignoring me. "It's really small though."


I scowled at him, "It's called a tiny house, and I think it's the perfect size."


"Tiny house?"


I sighed, "It's a house that's under 200 square feet..." I explained. In truth my house was a little over four hundred square feet, but seeing as it was still a sixth of the average house I figured it was close enough. He nodded. "You should go," I repeated, with more force this time.


He sighed and looked directly at me, "I came here because I wanted to talk to you, and I'm not leaving until I do."


"This isn't talking?" I asked sarcastically.


He sighed and ran his hand through his hair, "that's not what I meant."


I stood up, and he did to, "Then what did you mean?"


"I-I'm not exactly sure," he sighed again.


"Then go home until you figure that out," I said forcefully. I walked to the door, and was about to open it when he caught my wrist. I flinched as he touched me, but I still turned to look up at him. The moment I looked into his face I was lost in his eyes. His eyes had always fascinated me. One was a piercing ice blue, and the other a rich chocolate brown. He lifted his free hand to my tear stained cheek, and stared into my eyes. Then slowly, almost as if against his will, he pulled me into a kiss.


It was slow. I closed my eyes, unsure of how to feel. He gently tugged at my bottom lip. I shuddered, and he let go of my wrist so he could shift his hands to my waist. Still kissing me, he backed me up against the wall softly. He tilted his head and deepened the kiss. Then his fingers brushed against the hilt of the knife I had concealed at my hip. He hesitated, trying to figure out what the strange object was, and my body finally reacted, pushing him back violently.


He stumbled then looked at me as if coming out of some sort of trance. He blinked and shook his head. "...Oh Fuck. Willow, I'm so sorry. I'm not sure why I did that."


My hand closed around the knife and I pulled it out, pointing it at him.


He put his hands up with a look of alarm. "Get out," I said. He flinched, and fumbled around for the door handle, unwilling to take his eyes off the thick bladed knife. He got the door open and stepped out, closing the door behind himself. I slid the deadbolt home.


Willow slid down the door and put her face in her hands. Silas shoved his hands deep into the pockets of his jeans. He hung his head low as he walked away. 'Well that went terribly... Am I just determined to make things worse?' he thought to himself bitterly.


One hour later.


Willow sat curled up with her back against the door. The tears refused to stop trickling down her checks. She felt the door vibrate as someone pounded on it. "Go away Silas!! I don't want to talk to you!!" Willow screamed. As an afterthought she added, "And don't even bother trying to use your lock pick on the door. It's locked from the inside right now."


"I'm not Silas," Damion said. Willow paused.


Slowly shaking, she stood up, "Are you alone?" she asked.


"Yeah," he said.


She opened the door, he winced as he saw her face. He put his hand on her tearstained cheek, rubbing his thumb in a circular pattern as if to rub away all of the pain. All he accomplished was smearing her already tearstreaked makeup. He pulled her into a hug. Willow buried her face into his shirt and cried. "He kissed me..."


"I know," said Damion soothingly. "I know."


"Why?" she sobbed.


"I don't know... 'Cause he's an idiot?" Damion said.


Willow couldn't help but smile. She looked up, "You wearing an earpiece right now?" He nodded. She gestured for him to hand it over. He shrugged and handed it to her. She was about to get a glass of water, but she saw the cup of lavender tea, and dropped it in there instead.


​"How many of those are you planning to destroy?"


​"You should stop wearing them when you come to see me..." She said.


"Silas doesn't like it when we can't check in with each other..."


"So?" Willow said.


"And besides, I probably should have mentioned this a while ago... But you can just turn them off..."


"Oh..." Willow said a little deflated. "Why didn't you tell me?"


"Uh," Damion looked slightly sheepish. "Cause I forgot."


Willow shook her head and smiled. "I've destroyed like what, 15 of those? And it's only now that you remember that I could have just turned them off?"


Damion shrugged and changed the subject, "You look like a mess Love, why don't you take a shower?"


Willow nodded, "Yeah, I can't go to work like this... Wait, fuck. What time is it?"


"Uh," Damion looked down at his phone, "five o' clock."


"Oh no, I'm going to be so late!" Willow groaned.


"What time does your work start?' Damion asked.


"Six..." Willow said panicking.


"Calm down..." Damion said. "I'm assuming you bike there?" Willow nodded. "Okay, then take your shower and get ready and I'll take you on my motorcycle."


"Thank you so much!" Willow said as she rushed to the bathroom.


Damion sunk into the beanbag, he took his phone back out of his pocket. He he bypassed the three separate locks with the ease of practice. This unlocked a fairly minimal phone, with a few games and about ten contacts. But all the information was fake, and he completed one more invisible password to unlock his real phone.


He selected Silas's name from his contact list. Silas picked up on the third ring.


"Hey man," Damion said, "I know I said this before, but I'm gonna say it again... You. Fucked. Up."

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