The boys of Yorkshire

Hi I'm Zoe. I'm going to keep this introduction short. Basically a few months ago, I met a group of people at my school. They had a secret, that they trusted me with. Can I keep the secret or do I have to let the world know?


3. Part 3

A/N Sorry, but I'm skipping a month. Nothing interesting will happen. Here is a warning, I know its only chapter 3, but I don't care, this chapter will be a bit heated and will have a lot of sexual content and sexual references, if you don't like this kind of stuff skip to chapter 4!

* 1 Month later*

Zoe's P.O.V

Me and Harry have been getting on well. We have made out lots of times, which is an accomplishment for me! I still can't stop thinking about what Leah said a month ago,"... just so desperate on getting laid," and I'm going to be honest, I'm still a virgin.  I want to have sex I really do, but it's difficult when your mums at home all of the time.

Harry invited me around his house for the weekend. Niall and Jesse were visiting family in Canada and Louis and Liam were camping in the woods because it's full moon on Sunday. So, I told mum that I was going to Harry's. 

I was in the room, I was mean't to be staying in. I opened my black suitcase and saw a box of condoms. I sighed and put them on the bed. I glanced at them a second time and then thought, "these might come in handy." Harry walked through the door and saw me putting them in the suitcase. He twisted his head in a confused manner, so I answered his many questions,

"Mum," and he chuckled. He walked over to me, rubbed my arms and pecked me on the lips.

"Dinners ready," he whispered hoarsely,

"I don't drink blood," I answered, Harry turned and shook his head.

"It's actually Chinese food," he said, oops.

I walked down the stairs and sat down at the dining table. Harry out the paper box of noodles in front of me, the placing down the chop sticks. He then sat down himself with nothing in front of him. 

"Aren't you going to eat?" I asked,

"If you haven't already noticed, I'm a vampire," he said sarcastically. I sucked in the noodle that was poking out of my mouth. Harry leaned over, slowly wiping his thumb over my bottom lip. Wiping away the sauce. We stared at each other and and then leaned in to kiss. Our lips slid across each others, before Harry then coughed. 

"Yeah-um-I think we should wait?" He said, I nodded in agreement.

"Actually, you know what fuck it!" He said running over to me, the grabbing my face. We made out in the dinning room. Harry lifted me up and took me up to the bedroom with out breaking the kiss. He then pushed me against the wall still kissing me, started to unbutton my shirt and I did the same to his.  He pulled me off the wall placing me on the bed. He reached round my back, supporting me as he started to undo my bra. He started to kiss my neck, instead of my lips. I let out little moans and whimpers. This amazing moment came to an end when the felt tiny pin like things going into my neck. I pushed Harry away,

"Harry stop!" I shouted running my fingers along me neck, just make sure there was no mark. I also check for blood.

"Zoe! Oh my god, I'm so so sorry. I do- I don't know what came over me," Harry apologized.

"I thought you fed?" I asked him,

"I obviously didn't feed enough. Sorry Zoe, but I need to go." And with that said he left. I was lying in bed for about 5 minuets before I saw Harry in the room again. He had a tiny mark of blood on the side of his lips. I used my face to model were it was he wiped it away and came back to me and started to kiss me again. I was reluctant at first,

"Don't worry, I have eaten again. I promise I will stay away from the neck." He said, which made me feel a little more safer. I grabbed his face and carry on kissing him. We kissed for ages and when I started to take of Harry trousers, he stopped me, pulling my hand back. He broke away from my face saying,

"Not tonight,"

"You don't want to go that far yet?" I asked, I knew the answer anyway,

"Give me a day or two, I just need to catch up on my eating. I haven't really drank a lot since that night so just in case." He smiled, showing his fangs.  I sent him out of the room and got change.


*Next day*

Harry was spending the day feeding, so I decided to go and spend my day with Holly. I went to her house and I was helping her pick out an outfit for her date to night. 

"So what happened between you and Harry last night?" She said walking out of her walking closet and then holding up a two dresses in front of her body, one at the time, by her king sized mirror.

"Me and Harry had a "session"," I replied trying to avoid the part where he nearly bit me and then denied me,

"Oh my fucking god! Did you loose you V-card?" She asked, sort of happy,

"No, we didn't go that far. I wanted to, but Harry didn't," I said. I was kind of Happy that we didn't go that far now, because to be honest I might have forgot to use the condom anyway. I leave school on anyway so, if I do get pregnant I should be fine. I do have a collage degree, I think. 

Because Holly is Holly, she started playing "Fuck you better" and then started to mime me and Harry. I was pissing me off so I turned the music off  and sat back down. 

"Sorry babes. Look, your 17 nearly 18, maybe it's time that you do loose it. Even if it's with out Harry." The just lost it,

"Holly I am a loyal person, if I'm going to loose my virginity, I am going to do it with Harry!" and I stormed out. 

I drove back to Harry's and saw him sat in the living room. I walked in and then he came running towards me , he grabbed me face to check if I was alright. I smiled. He then kissed me, continuing our making out. He picked me up and pushed me against the wall.  

We ended up, up stairs on the bed. He ripped off my shirt, bra and trousers and left me in just my pants. I took off his shirt and trousers and then started to rub over his boxers. Our tongues  were fight for dominance, but obviously he won.  I could feel his member through the silk of his boxers, I took the me off and saw how his member sprung up wards. 

He ripped of my pants and placed himself at my entrance. (It's probably a good time to mention they did have a condom on :)) He pushed in, slowing thrusting in and out of me. After finding his balance and speed, he thrusted in deeper and harder. We both me our highs and then Harry fell on the bed and we cuddle up in between the sheets. 

"That--was--amazing!" He said in between breathes,

" I agree with you,"  I laughed, I cuddled up to him and fell asleep in his arms. Although, he can't sleep, it's nice to have him there next to me. I can't wait for tomorrow. 

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