The boys of Yorkshire

Hi I'm Zoe. I'm going to keep this introduction short. Basically a few months ago, I met a group of people at my school. They had a secret, that they trusted me with. Can I keep the secret or do I have to let the world know?


1. Part 1

Zoe's P.O.V

Night time. My worst fear. I watch way too many horror films, so that probably why. I was walking home from a friends house, I'm glad it was a clear night. I looked up at the little flashing light in the sky. Suddenly, I felt a could chill run down my spin. My head quickly turned back to looking forward. My heart stopped, as I saw a quick flash run in front of me. The flash turned around and ran back forth in front of me. Something stopped behind me. I heard a slight,groggy breath behind me, I didn't turn around for pure fear. I then heard a cat like hiss, before silence. I was about to call my mum to come and find,, when I heard a scream coming from around the corner. 

I walked around the corner and saw a person lying on the floor. A youngish boy straddled over the person on the floor. He brought his head up, with blood dripping from his mouth. Sharp, white fangs gleaming from his face. he hissed making me turn and run. 


I woke up sweating from fear. I have the same nightmare every night for the past year. I still remember his face. His distinctive cheek bone, he luxurious brown, curly hair. But the thing I remember the most were his eyes. They were a red, but they were turning a calming green. I wanted closer, so every day for the whole of April I went looking for him, but I never found him.


I heard my mum call me down from breakfast so, I got dressed and went down stairs.

"Had the nightmare again?" She asked me,

"Yeah. Mum I really saw that guy, honestly." I tell my mum this all the time, this is why I went to therapy for 2 months.

"Zoe, I'm disappointed in you. You need to relies that fantasy, doesn't help the normal, mundane world." I ignored her and when off to school.


As I walked in to the yard, I saw my friend smiling at me from the door.  I turned my head and saw a group of new boys. I think looked at the one in the grey suit. That was the guy. The person who gives me nightmares, the one that ate that person that night. Oh my god. I didn't noitice, but I walked in to the most popular girl at school, who is also my number 1 bully. 

"Watch were your going, you whore." Leah said in a bratty tone,

"No, Leah, I'm not a whore, because unlike you, I haven't fucked every single guy in this school!" With that I carried on walking to my friends, feeling the deathly, but comforting stare of the killer that stays in our school.   


I walked in to the cafeteria. I sat down in my usual place next to my friends, Holly and Chloe. I had been on a holiday last term, so they wanted to catch up with what happened,

"So, did you meet any boys?" Holly asked, she is always interested in boy drama,

"No," I said in a sarcastic, depressed tone,

"Oh, don't worry, Zoe, you'll find someone. Anyway got over your nightmares yet?" Chloe asked, just as I was about to answer, the boy and his friends came through the door. The 2 brown haired boys, that has some what of a beard, were play fighting as they walked in.  A blonde haired boy walked in, with a depressed look. He took big strides as he came in. Then, there he was. The boy with lovely brown hair. The killer. He stared at me when he walked in, but I just looked away,

"Wh-Who are they?" I asked my friends,

"They are Louis, Liam, Niall and Harry. I call them the goths because they never mix with any of us normal people," Joey said. Joey is like my fair-weather friend, he only talks to me when it suits him. The rest of the time, he will probably be dealing weed behind the bike shed. 

"Are they new?" I asked, 

"yeah. They came when you were on holiday. They were adopted by that new history teacher, he kind of freaky too," Joey told me, but I wasn't really listening. I had turned round, looking at the boy who was looking at me.  I stood up walking out of the room, but giving Harry a gesture to follow me and he did. I went to my old hiding spot, I used for hiding from Leah. he was stood there, in the gate way too it, leaving me no way out if he was going to eat me.

"Is it you?" I asked the figure,

"Is what me?" He replied,

"The night. Did you eat that lady?"

"uhhh, I knew this day would come. Yes it was me, so your probably thinking I'm a vampire,"

"yes, that night gave me nightmares for a year."

"Sorry," He said walking up to me, grabbing my waist, bringing me towards his chest. "Now your probably going to ask me to bite you," he asked me, showing his teeth.

"No, I want to stay human, for now. But I want answers! Who are you? Who are you friends? Will you kill again? Do you want to kill me?" I asked quiet quickly,

"Woah, slow down. I am Harry Styles, my friends are Louis, Liam and Niall. Niall is a vampire, like me. Liam and Louis are werewolves," He said, but I quickly interrupted,

"i thought, werewolves and vampire hated each other?"

"No and I will carry on. I don't eat people anymore, I drink animal blood, so that answers your other two questions," I was stunned. I had met a vampire. I herd the bell ring and I started to walk towards the exit, when harry grabbed me, pulling me close to him, but in a way he could see my neck. He brushed my hair away from my neck, he touch was amazing. He breathed in, like he was smelling me and then he said, "I want to taste that blood so badly, but something inside of me is saying no. Who are you?"

" I'm Zoe and I'm the witness to your murders!"

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