Baron Bloodlust


3. Boughton City Military Arc Pt 2

Ron and I were walking down the fancy hallways; full of golden columns, huge windows, shiny marble floors and walls full of paintings. We walked out of two huge doors, and standing in front of the white colored carriage with two dark, brown horses. I walked into the carriage, and sat down in the red fur seat. It was pretty comfortable, and soft. The seat got me relaxed, and the carriage started to move with the sounds of the horse shoe steps hitting the brick road. I looked out the window, and saw people; some wore fancy clothes, while others are wearing clothing of the poor. Some people have some depressing faces while others have unnatural looking faces. The sky was almost pretty dark as a war smokes, and clouds. Also seeing brick buildings, and with the pipes blowing out smoke. We arrived to the train station. I jumped out of the carriage, and walked down into a single wooden, green colored door. I opened it, and I see dark wooden floors, there’s a ticket window, and a bunch of benches. I see a person with a tuxedo, he opened the train door, and I got in the train with Ron behind me. I sat in one of the train seats with the other knights. I heard sounds of the steam coming out of the train, and then it started moving.

It’s been 2 hours in, and we just pass by huge mountains into the new land that I have never seen before. It was snowy, and empty with little to no trees. It’s kind of reminding me of my home land. I laid back then I fell deep asleep.

(In a dream)

I was in the dark void of nothingness. I saw a person that has same features as me except his hair is as white as a snow, and he looks young.

"Who are you?"

"I am a man who will help you guide through your journey."

"What journey? What are you even talking about?"

"Your adventure is to go to 5 different temples in each different location. You must retrieve 5 crystals. You must defeat a man named Eifah."

"Who is Eifah? What are the crystals?"

"You will find that out in one abandoned village located in the next forest your going to. There's a man there that will train you to become stronger, and your magical abilities."

"Okay. When do I begin?"

"Your journey begins now, and I will give you this item. It's a pennant, and you will find out what it does once you learn it."

A man disappeared into the shadows.

Maverick woke up, and he looked around; sweating for a minute then he breathed deeply, and he looked out of the window. He closed his eyes again then suddenly a loud crash hit the train. The train was tilting off the track. Maverick think fast, and jumped out of the window. Breaking the window into pieces, and Maverick flipped landing into the snow. His feet was buried in the snow, and could hardly move. He saw something big as a castle. It was one of the creatures. The creature looked as ugly as an ogre. He has two small horns, has reptile eyes, has a long mouth with a tooth sticking out, and has a giant wooden club. He looked at me, and start swinging his club at me. The ground was shaking as a earthquake. I almost lost my balance. I jumped up high, and took out my sword. I landed in his arms, and start running towards his shoulders. He used his right hand to try to squash me like a bug. I flipped to dodge his hand. I ran to his shoulders then I jumped. I was positioning my sword, then suddenly his right hand hit me. I fell, and crashed into the tree, and slid into the ground. I got up slowly. Blood was flowing through my head, and out of my mouth. I ran towards the creature again. He slammed the club into the ground. I jumped back, then I jumped and landed on his club. I started to run. I got to his left arm. I ran towards his shoulders again. I jumped and I slashed his left arm off. The creature roared like a ferocious beast, and blood was spurting from his wound. Blood was covering the snow eventually turning into red. I landed on my back; the snow almost completely covering me. I got up, and breathed for a moment. The creature is using his fist to kill me, but I rolled over to dodge. I jumped, and rolled like a ball. I landed in his right arm, and starting to run faster than usual. I suddenly felt a new kind of power flowing into me. I screamed like a warrior, and swung my sword on the creatures head. His head was fell off from his body. The creatures body fell into the ground, and shook the ground. I rolled landed in the ground. I put my sword back. Walked away from the dead body, and I saw the crashed train from the distance. It was started to snow heavily, and it started to fogging outside. I quickly slide down the hill, and got to the train. I climbed the train up, and got a peek over a cracked window. I gasped as I see bunch of dead bodies punctured up, and blood was everywhere. I jumped down and turn to the right. I saw a shadow as big as a normal person. I was started to shake, and I'm getting the chills. I put my hand on the handle of my sword. A person got closer, and the fog disappear around him. It was just Ron, our lieutenant. Ron was just standing there with his golden gauntlet with claws on his hand. As the snow gets heavier, and more foggy.

"Maverick. This weather is getting worst by the minute. There's a camp nearby."

"Alright. Let's go there."

We started walking down over the hills as the snow keeps falling, and the wind starting to pick up. We were both covering our eyes with our arms. We struggled to walk further. Ron was starting to lose consciousness, and fell down. I stopped, and I panicked.

"Ron...please get up. Ron... Ron...RON!!!!"

I almost started to give up everything, until something miracle has happened. My vision is starting to improve dramatically, and my body is suddenly full of energy again. I picked up Ron, and started walking again. My vision was clear as day. I could see a camp not too far away. I ran to the camp, and I was countered by the nurse of the camp. She took Ron in to treat him. I went to one of the cabins. I sit in the soft bed, and lay down. I got up, and look to the left, and I saw a small table next to it. On the table is the old lantern. Suddenly the door opened, and there was the nurse again. Standing there; smiling in an unusual way. She brought over a plate with a piece of bread, and a bowl of beef stew with vegetables on it.

"Here you go mister. Enjoy."


The door was shut, and I sit. I started eating until I saw this piece of paper laying down next to the bowl. I look at it, and it's a letter from Ron. It said here.

"Dear, Maverick I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused you. To make up for that I will give you an early graduation from the military after what you have done today. You have three choices of what do you want to do. Want to do the mercenary, guard, or patrolman. If you decide your decision. Meet me outside of the camp first thing tomorrow morning. Have a good rest to you. Thanks, Ron."

I was excited, and now I was thinking about what to do. I went to sleep for the night. I woke up the next morning, and I went out of the cabin. I saw Ron standing looking better.

"So, have you pick your decision?"

"Yes. I choose the mercenary."

"Wise choice. Now go on and good luck with your adventure."

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