Baron Bloodlust


2. Boughton City Military Arc Pt 1

In a city called Boughton City. It's gloomy, depressing, and it's smoky in the streets. The sky is brown looking color. It's full of factories, and brick buildings with pipes around it. Inside the huge castle, it was the line of knights, and I was one of them standing in the middle. I've grown taller, and a bit muscular; I am wearing a white shirt with a vest comes with a chest-plate, and a customization boots. There comes the king of the city, and the general of the army. The general was wearing a uniform just like a captain of the officers, and he has a giant sword in his back. The general has a muscle guy face with a serious look in his eyes. Also he has long hair on one side but on the other side is bald. The King was wearing a golden crown, with fancy robes, and a golden boots with crystals around it. The king has long hair, relaxed eyes, and face. He looks young for the king.

"Alright you maggots! Welcome to my army, and guess what!? I own you all! Now, after you get out of this crap hole. You have 3 jobs like the Guarding Knight, you have to guard the city all day, and all night. Mercenary is the job you get to kill things around it without dealing with crap. Finally, the officer where you have to catch crimes, that's it." General yelled and explained.

"Now, any questions?", General said.

"Uh, yeah...", Knight said as he got grabbed by the general and threw him out of the window, and falling to the ground.

"Enjoy climbing back up, private!", General yelled.

The general turned around to look at the knights in the eye with his menacing look in his eyes.

"So, anymore questions!?", General yelled as the knights just stared with expressionless in their faces. Not saying anything.

"Good! Now let the training begin!" General yelled.

Two months has passed. I learned how to do combat better, and learn more of the sword skills. I learned quickly how to do those skills well. I was practicing my sword skills until somebody poked at me. I looked back, and saw a guy with a uniform of an officer with a blonde short hair, with expressionless eyes. He has a golden gauntlet on his hand with flame patterns.

"Maverick. Come with me; the king wants to see you immediately. By the way my name is Ron, and I'm the lieutenant of the army.", Ron said.

His voice was calm, and I followed him into the castle's main room. I saw the king sitting in his royal throne with the general standing next to him. I bowed down to the king.

"Maverick. I noticed your skills has improved greatly, and you are better than anyone else in this army. You are a quick learner too. Now I will give you this special sword.", The King said.

The King grabbed the sword and handed to me.

"This sword is called the Omega Buster Sword. It's a giant sword that is crafted by the fiery dragon. I found it in the cave one day while I was exploring. We research the sword, and it's made out of a very rare metal. It's called Crystium. It's an indestructible metal that it's known to man, and the origin is unknown at this time, but I will send you on a mission. It's located right behind the mountains, and we are battling the creatures. The one I most afraid of is that giant creature. This giant creature is the size of a huge castle, and he is very dangerous. Now, good luck on your mission, and there's the camp in the area for surviving knights.", The King explained.

"Thanks, your honor. I will do my best.", Maverick said as he walked out of the main room, and the doors shut behind him.

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