The Mirrors Of Tokyo

The mystery of the lady in the mirror, and why she is killing, why does she take the bodies? Who is she? What is she? How many lives will be taken in order to find out her identity? Follow for more updates on new chapters of "The Mirrors Of Tokyo"
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4. Chapter 4: Jennifer's blue duffle bag

Chapter 4: Jennifer’s blue duffle bag

My mouth drops open, was it Megan? Why? This made no sense, she had nothing against Miyuki, but then again, she does hate my guts so I guess?? I don’t know. What are you doing in my room?! Why did you lie to me?! What are you talking about Ullysa? You never had a party, and you’re the lady in the mirror! What are you talking about? I had the party in the basement, and why would I be the lady in the mirror? The lion costumes, poisons, and Miyuki’s cell phone? WHERES HER BODY, YOU DIDN’T JUST DUMP IT DID YOU????!!!! This duffle bag is Jennifer’s, she must’ve forgotten to bring it home, she yanks the bag out of my hand. Just mind your own business and leave Ullysa. Why did “Jennifer” have poison and a lion costume in her bag? It was a costume party, and that’s not poison its just pills, Jennifer needs to take one every hour, and her phone, she must really need these, don’t you have anything better to do, not that you have a life anyways. Sorry Megan, I should’ve minded my own business. Yeah you should’ve, oh and by the way Dads away on a business trip we won’t be seeing him anytime soon. Where did he go? I don’t know why don’t you stop being so lazy and ask him yourself. Fine I’m sorry. Well I’m going to Jennifer’s house to return her bag and I’m probably going to crash there so order some pizza and don’t go in my room, I don’t need you touching my stuff. I wasn’t going to- just shut up. Okay bye Megan. She walks out the door making me feel like a complete idiot.

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