The Mirrors Of Tokyo

The mystery of the lady in the mirror, and why she is killing, why does she take the bodies? Who is she? What is she? How many lives will be taken in order to find out her identity? Follow for more updates on new chapters of "The Mirrors Of Tokyo"
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3. Chapter 3: Megan?

Chapter 3: Megan?

Again. Gone. I knew there was no point in crying so I just went home in a taxi. Hey Meg, I'm home! I yell at the front door, Meg? Meg? Are you home? I guess not. I look at the clock 4 am, she probably crashed at some friends house or something. The house was surprisingly clean, her parties usually leave a huge mess that I end up having to clean up. Dad hates both of us but hates me more, much more. I don’t know anything about my dad, I don’t even know where he works. I look around to see if there were any other sleeping people in the house. I walk up to Megan’s room, nothing, spotlessly clean, everything looked the same except for a strange navy blue duffle bag sitting on carpet by her bed. I open it up, a lion costume, poisons, and a cell phone.

Sorry this chapter sucks but chapter 4 will be uploaded soon and will be much better

Written by Cait Rose

Edited by Ruby Scott

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