The Mirrors Of Tokyo

The mystery of the lady in the mirror, and why she is killing, why does she take the bodies? Who is she? What is she? How many lives will be taken in order to find out her identity? Follow for more updates on new chapters of "The Mirrors Of Tokyo"
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12. Chapter 12: Turning for the worse


Chapter 12: Turning for the worse

Ray and I order some sushi and hot dogs from room service and turn on some Anime

“Ray lets watch you’re a lie in April”
“No I want to watch Tokyo Ghoul or Death Note!”

“Fine what about Food wars”
“Okay that sounds good”

“Wait lets watch it in the bed”
We walk upstairs and into the bed, we snuggle up close while we fan-girl over Food Wars, We could sadly still hear Jennifer and Megan yelling at each other next door, the yelling didn’t stop until 11:00 pm so I figured they just went to sleep.

Jennifer’s POV from 10:00 pm

“Oh my god Megan why do you have to wear flats tomorrow I want to wear flats we can’t match!”

“You need to wait I called Dibs!”
“I will give you Dibs candy if you let me wear flats tomorrow!”

“You know what let’s just go to sleep and think about this tomorrow”

Megan and I get into our beds and go to sleep, I was so mad at her, I already said I would wear flats, and she is taking that privilege away from me!

11:00 pm Megan’s POV

“Where am I?” I woke up in a small room, I knew I was still on the boat because we were still rocking back and forth.

“Megan is that you?”
“Jennifer! Where are we what did you do?!”
“Nothing I was wondering the same thing! And why are we tied up! Did we get a noise complaint I knew the punishment was a fine of money, not a fine of my hand freedom!”
My swivel chair I was sitting on was being pulled in through a door by a rope,

“What the hell is happening?!” I grab onto Jennifer’s arm while she tries to free her hands to reach me, the chair is pulled forcefully over through the door

“Jen get out while you still can!”
“But Meg-“
“Get the hell out of here now!”
I am pulled through the doors to be face to face with a horrific mutant, bat monster (Miyuki) and standing next to her was my father, and Monica (lady in the mirror and my mom). My dad unties me then imminently hand cuffs my hands to his arm, then walks me outside to be faced with a small deck that if I tripped, I was over board.

“What do you want now!”
“I want to get rid of my evidence, and you and Ullysa have too much information, so do those stupid Canadian friends of yours!”
“They are not stupid! You are!” Wow nice comeback Megan

“Shut up and let me kill you!” He unhand cuffs me and holds a run up to my head and is about to pull the trigger, I jump, I jump backwards falling I fall into the cold pacific ocean, where I see a faint image, Did he accidently shot mom? He did didn’t he! I couldn’t make out what was happening very clearly, but I think I saw her die? But that’s irrelevant, I’m in the ocean! The middle of the ocean!  Was this it? Was this the end? But I never got a chance to tell Jennifer that I actually loved her, I didn’t know I was lesbian until I met Jennifer, she was so Special Ray and Ullysa get to have a happy ending, why can’t I? I guess it won’t matter once I die.

12:00 pm Jennifer’s POV

I run outside the door, nothing left but a gun on the ground and a note “She jumped” What the hell?! Was this some sick joke? I look of into the distance and all I can see is a faint shadow of a person holding on a seaweed clump for dear life. I run down toward the captain’s cabin explaining how she fell overboard.

“How did that happen?”

“It just did we need to get her!”
“Okay I will call a helicopter they will come in ten minutes”
“Ten minutes!”
“Yeah I can’t turn this around it auto drive”

“Don’t worry we haven’t made it very far and the helicopters are nearby, I just contacted them now”

“Why are you here if you don’t even drive?!”

“To contact rescuers”
“That’s it?!”
“Why 10 minutes!”
“Are you a premium plus member?”
“Then its 10 minutes!”

I was so pissed right now I can’t even explain, she was probably mortified, and what if she lets go on accident or a wave, I had to relax, she will be fine, I needed to calm myself, why does everything turn for the worse?


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