The Mirrors Of Tokyo

The mystery of the lady in the mirror, and why she is killing, why does she take the bodies? Who is she? What is she? How many lives will be taken in order to find out her identity? Follow for more updates on new chapters of "The Mirrors Of Tokyo"
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11. Chapter 11: Welcome aboard!


Chapter 11: Welcome aboard! 

Today is the memorial of Miyuki’s death (June 26th), She has been dead for a month now, and it has been the hardest, and most horrific month of my life. It is currently July 26th, and today is not only the memorial of Miyuki’s death, but my birthday. Its only 6:00 am, I don’t know why I woke up so early. Today was almost equivalent to when Miyuki died, the same bright sunlight, and same breeze, and the same cherry tree knocking on my window, it was so perfect, just like the day she left, the event was far from perfect it was horrific but if I were to die would want to die on a day bright and beautiful like today. 

“Ullysa! Happy Birthday!” Ray, Megan, and Jennifer all run in with balloons and streamers. Ray and Jennifer practically live here, they always are over and their mom is never home and their dads a alcoholic who never leaves the bar. 

“Thank you guys! You didn’t have to!” 

“Of course we did Ullysa!”  

Ray runs over onto the bed and kisses my crispy bacon lips, I hadn’t even brushed my teeth yet, I know Queen speech would disapprove. 

“Hey babe! We got you some McDonalds pancakes for breakfast and later today we are going on a-“ 
“CRUISE!” they all shout in harmony  

“Wow thank you!” 

“Of course Ullysa!” 

“Well get ready the ship leaves at 8:00!” 

I eat my pancakes and start packing for the trip, this will be great, my dad won’t be there, Miyuki won’t be there, the lady in the mirror (or my mom) won’t be there, it will be perfect, and maybe now that I’m 17 me and Ray can sleep together, Megan said that “you can sleep with him when your 17” and now I am! He turned 18 in February so he can sleep with me.  

7:30 am  

“Okay we are almost there” 

“Jennifer slow down you’re going to hit someone” 

“Jen! You almost killed that pedestrian!” 
“Sorry but I think that was Emma Marie, I hate her she always talks about how amazing being French is” 
“That wasn’t Emma she moved back to France at the end of the school year” 
“Oh right” 
They were already yelling at each other and the cruise hasn’t even started yet, I try to change the subject.  

“What cruise line is it?” 
“Oh its uh, a princess cruise the Kyushu & Japan Inland Sea Roundtrip from Kobe, Japan 

“Oh how are the rooms laid out?” 
“well you and Ray are sharing a bed in a different room while Megan and I share a room with two beds” 
“Oh so you had to make to make it clear you weren’t dating me didn’t you Jen” 
“But we are not dating” 
“yes but it would be flattering so then I reject you and feel better about myself, also couples discount 

“Oh my god Megan why are you acting like a brat and we aren’t on a ship yet we don’t need to talk like that 
“No! Can’t you help me with my self-confidence!” 
“Stop!” Ray yells over, silencing Megan and Jennifer 

“Sorry ray” 

“Jen there’s a parking spot right there by the dock lets go there, oh and don’t hit the little girl” 
We park be the dock and unload our car 

Ullysa why did you pack so much? we are only staying week” 
“Oh really?” 
“Yeah, we need to get back before school starts” 

The ship pulls up to the dock and a friendly man with a mustache takes our tickets 

“Thank you for choosing Princess Cruise lines hope you happy couples have a good time” 
“No its just them we aren’t-“ Jennifer is cut off by Megan 
“yes of course thank you!” Megan gives a devilish smile and walks past the man with the mustache  

“Why did you do that Meg?!” 
“Couples discount! I heard it’s huge!” 

“Why are you so big on couple’s discount?” 

“I’m trying to save up for our shopping spree and trust me we will save a lot” 

Megan and Jennifer head to their room while Ray and I head to ours 

“So Lis what do you think so far?” 

“I think our sisters are crazy and that this is a very nice cruise” 

“It will be special” 
“Yes it will” 


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