The Mirrors Of Tokyo

The mystery of the lady in the mirror, and why she is killing, why does she take the bodies? Who is she? What is she? How many lives will be taken in order to find out her identity? Follow for more updates on new chapters of "The Mirrors Of Tokyo"
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10. Chapter 10: Time we gave it


Chapter 10: Time we gave it

“So, Ray, what happened?”

“Ullysa, I need to tell you something. Its really important”
“Yeah of course, lets just go home and wash you first, then while your soaking in the tub we can talk. Tell me everything”

I pull up to the house in my blue convertible and take him out of the back seat of the car.

“Ullysa, I- I don’t know if you’re going to-“

“Ray, relax, this is about you not me” I was completely lying. I was mad that I didn’t kill that asshole while I had the chance and same thing with that lady in the mirror bitch. I just wish I had gotten rid of them.

“Oh my god, Ray!” Jennifer runs outside ad hugs Rays destroyed body “I’m so happy you’re okay!”

“Ullysa!” Megan yells running outside, “What the hell is wrong with you?!”

“Really? No thanks Ullysa! You’re amazing for getting Ray back alive?”

“Okay thanks, but you can’t do that! You need help!”

“I don’t.”
“Well did you catch them?”
“See exactly now we have to go back there.”
“Actually, why don’t we just give the address to the police?” Jennifer asked.

“No. They left that’s the only reason why I could get Ray, they are gone.”
“Ullysa go wash up Ray. I will talk to Megan”
I carry Ray into the house and up the stairs. I lay him on the ground and start the bath.

“Ray, what kind of bubble bath do you like? Orange, strawberry, or chocolate blast?”

“Chocolate blast.” he says faintly

I run the bath and lay him in the tub.

“So what did you need to tell me?”

“Ullysa, the lady in the mirror is Monica.”
My mind freezes, I drop the soap right out of my hand, the words why and how race through my head.

“Ullysa, I know it’s a shock, that it’s your mom but-“
“No, its fine, I can believe that, my dad was crazy and evil all the time. I should have suspected that earlier.” A tear falls down my cheek, “I don’t can’t do this anymore. If it’s me he wants, it’s me he will get!”
“Ullysa no!”
“He’s coming back to get me. I don’t care. Let him get me. You are so amazing Ray, you don’t deserve this. You were just bait. You deserve someone that will make you happy and not kill you in the process. I’m going to have to end this relationship. I love you too much to watch you get hurt!”

“But Lis, your letting him win, he wants to get in your head, ruin your life, and don’t you want to fight till the end?”

“I guess so, but just keep your distance until I tell you we are safe. I just, I- love you ray!” I wrap my arms around his wounded body laying my head against his broad chest

“I love you too Ullysa, that’s why you need me to keep you happy. You would be terrible if I wasn’t here to help you.”

“Are you going to tell Megan about my mom or are you going to tell-“
“I heard the whole thing Ullysa,” Megan leans in from the door way, “Ullysa, I think we should make an organized plan, not just hit and run!”

“We aren’t going to kill him, we will kill the lady in the mirror who is technically just a walking body of goop. He will be in such shock and grief, we will have time to call the police and he will go away for a long time.”
“What about Miyuki?”
“Kill her too I guess?”
“Makes sense, but how will we find him?”
“Like you said earlier, he will come to us, just give it time.”

And so, time we gave it.

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