the eagles of the sand

a volleyball eagles


9. 9

It wasn’t just the sand courts that would be used in the tournament this year that bothered everyone on my team. Some boys had noticed that their family or friends didn’t come to watch them practice today, and I realized that Lowen hadn’t come to practice, either. I also happened to realize that ever since Coach Hawk had come, my friend Max never came to watch me practice, and I missed him. Now it was just Samantha and Lily who sat alone on the bleachers to watch us practice.


Max was much older than me. He was a high-schooler and an experienced volleyball player. I depended on Max and Lowen to teach me how to play volleyball when I first joined the team in sixth grade, and I wanted Max in the gym to watch me improve my skills. Lowen had told me that Max was too sick to watch me anymore. Everyone on my team had noticed that the family and friends that were usually watching us from the gym bleachers were missing practice more and more, until they were gone.


    Some of them were just too busy with work or school now. Others were just too sick.


    Even if Max couldn’t be there to watch me practice and Lowen was too busy with schoolwork, I still wanted to do my best to get ready for the tournament. I wanted to be stronger, and so the decision was already made for me. If Lowen and Max were going to disappear, then I would have to disappear too. It was only fair that way.


    I decided to go to a volleyball training camp, but only for a little while, just until Lowen was done with his schoolwork, and until Max could come and watch me again.

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