the eagles of the sand

a volleyball eagles


6. 6

After what seemed like a thousand years, the young man at the front door of the gym room stepped forward, satisfied that he had been able to get the attention of every practicing boy in the room, and spoke in a loud, clear voice.


    Okay Eagles, listen up,” he called out, addressing me and my teammates. Lowen and I still awkwardly stood frozen in place on the court along with the rest of the boys. We kept gazing at the man absently.


“From now on, I will be your new coach,” the man continued. “You will call me Coach Hawk.”


    I looked to Lowen and the other boys on my team as Coach Hawk kept on talking. We all stared at the new man in front of us, ignoring his speech, flipping through files of ideas in our minds, analyzing our thoughts, and after a couple of long seconds we subconsciously decided something was wrong with him. We didn’t like the way he stared at us. We knew there had to be something weird behind those piercing hawk eyes of his, something dangerous.

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