the eagles of the sand

a volleyball eagles


4. 4

I couldn’t help but smile. Lowen, like many other boys on my team, wasn’t just a skilled at volleyball, but a teammate you could depend on. He was one of the nicer kids at my school. The moment I joined the middle school volleyball team, he and the other boys had smiled at me reassuringly, and I knew I belonged with them. I looked up to Lowen, and I was proud to have him as my friend.


I ran up to him. I still hadn’t responded when he had called my name seconds ago.


    Lowen began to speak to me as soon as he noticed me running over to him. “Did you hear about Royal Middle School’s volleyball team? You know, the team called the ‘Kings’?”


“Yeah,” I responded, stopping next to him, remembering the rumor I had been thinking about. Being careful not to drop the ball I had started to balance on my head, I continued to talk to my teammate. “I heard that the Kings are really good at volleyball. Kids at other schools have been saying they win every match that they play,” I said jokingly.


“Seriously? How could they be that skilled? That’s so unfair,” my teammate chuckled nervously, his voice breaking as he slammed a another volleyball over the gym net. I watched him as he practiced, thinking about how much I wanted his skills, but then my thoughts wandered off.


The truth was, I was worried. Everyone on my team was worried that we would not be strong enough to beat the Royal Middle School volleyball team if we ever entered a tournament.


We all wondered if eagles were strong enough to beat kings.


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