the eagles of the sand

a volleyball eagles


11. 11

At the end of the day, extra practice with the high school boys wasn’t fun at all, and I knew my team wanted their free time back. The high schoolers treated us no better than Coach Hawk did, and despite the fact that extra training would improve my skills, I still wasn’t feeling too happy about it.


Even if Lowen and I were feeling down, Lily and Samantha were there to cheer us on. Samantha was best friends with Lowen, and so it was only natural that I became friends with her. She was always there for us when we needed her.


“I’m here to watch over you guys, because you’re kids at heart, because you’ll never make it out in the world on your own,” she would joke with us, as if she was our mother.


Samantha was also Max’s best friend. Lowen, Lily, and I were good friends with Samantha, and even though she was usually in a good mood, she had seemed to grow more and more gloomy as the days passed.


I was almost certain it was because Max was still missing.


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