The Pacifist ending is known to be one of the two endings in Undertale, alongside the Genocide ending. This time, Kasha experiences an ending unlike no other. It was as if the characters were speaking through her, communicating to her through the glass screen. This wasn't real though, it was obviously a dream! Or was it?

Follow Kasha through her Undertale adventures of encountering random attacks, meeting her favourite characters and helping the monsters break the magic barrier once and for all.


2. Chapter Two

"What?! How am I here?!" Kasha yelled to herself, she had no clue of what her life was anymore.

"You're here to help." Kasha heard a voice say, it was a voice of cruelty.

"Flowey the Flower!" Kasha called, she truly hated Flowey.

"Howdy!" Flowey said, appearing in front of Kasha. "You're soul is that little heart, run into the friendliness pellets."

"I know your tricks, Flowey!" Kasha avoided each pellet, one by one.

Flowey's face was overwhelmed with enragement and evilness. Flowey then made a circle of the pellets, making them close in on Kasha. Before they could touch her, Toriel came in and whacked Flowey away. Kasha drew a relieved breath, looking at Toriel.

"Mama goat!" Kasha said jokingly, wrapping her hands around Toriel.

"Hello, my child. Umm.. What are you doing?" Toriel asked, tilting her head.

Kasha soon unwrapped her arms from Toriel. "Hugging you...?"

Toriel said that was okay, then grabbed Kasha's hand, pulling her along to an area of puzzles. Kasha released her own hand from Toriel's goat hand grasp, walking forward into the puzzle. She had memorised the spike puzzle, but Toriel stopped her before she could step on. Kasha told Toriel she knew and continued to do what she was doing before. Toriel followed behind and Kasha had a smile plastered on her face, but then she saw... Papyrus? Papyrus was supposed to come later into the game, but he was here now?

"Nye heh heh heh! Welcome to the underground, Kasha!" He said. "This is my brother, Sans! He's a sensational brother!"

"Guess you could say I'm--" Sans began.

"Oh god, Sans. No. Please no." Papyrus said, trying to stop Sans.

"I'm pretty sans-sational!" Sans said, cracking up at his own joke.

Papyrus took this awkward silence to have a very long sigh of embarrassment, and Kasha couldn't help but snort with laughter a little at Sans's terrible pun. Sans closed one eyelid, opening it soon after, like a wink.

"So, Papyrus, member of the Royal guard yet?" Kasha asked.

"Soon! Nye heh heh heh!" Papyrus answered. "Would you like some spaghetti?"

Kasha nodded, she was still worried of what was happening, but she was so happy at the same time.

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