The Pacifist ending is known to be one of the two endings in Undertale, alongside the Genocide ending. This time, Kasha experiences an ending unlike no other. It was as if the characters were speaking through her, communicating to her through the glass screen. This wasn't real though, it was obviously a dream! Or was it?

Follow Kasha through her Undertale adventures of encountering random attacks, meeting her favourite characters and helping the monsters break the magic barrier once and for all.


1. Chapter One

"Hey, Harry." Kasha said, her Skype only now connecting.

"Yo." Harry said jokingly, causing Kasha to face palm. "What was the first ending you got on Undertale?"

"Pacifist, I'm trying to see Genocide now." Kasha answered, playing Undertale as she spoke to her best friend.

"'Kay. Genocide isn't that hard to get, by the way. Wait--" Harry said, pausing for a brief second. "Yeah, I need to go."

With that, Harry logged off from Skype.

Kasha played for hours and hours trying to get the Genocide ending, at the end, she perked up in her seat. Her eyes were bloodshot from playing the game for too long, she had waited for three hours and this was the moment. This was the moment Kasha was finally going to see the Genocide ending. Except, it wasn't the Genocide ending, at least it didn't seem like the Genocide ending. She tilted her head, so confused of what was happening. Papyrus spoke, not to Frisk, Sans, Undyne or anyone in the game, it was as if Papyrus was speaking to Kasha. He was saying things Kasha couldn't even begin to process, nothing about puzzles, spaghetti or anything, but he said that Kasha was going to arrive. Arrive where? Kasha pondered long on this thought before Papyrus began speaking again.

"Don't worry about it." He said. "I'll explain later--"

"Papyrus, you'll scare her." Someone said, it was Sans. "You aren't aiming to scare her though, right?"

Papyrus shook his skeleton head, walking off and Sans waited for a bit to speak to Kasha when he had the privacy he was wanting.

"Look, Kasha." Sans began, Kasha jumped back in her chair at the mention of her name. How was a video game character speaking to her?! "We don't want to scare you, but we can't quite explain what's happening."

Sans seemed to virtually sigh, walking off to were Papyrus was. Kasha felt her heart pounding in her chest, her breathing was heavy and her mind couldn't even figure out what was happening anymore. She ran her fingers through her long, brown hair, trying to collect her thoughts all together. Everything she was taught had meant nothing; this wasn't supposed to be able to happen. It's just a dream, it's just a dream. Kasha told her self in her thoughts. Video game characters are for computers, not the real world. Kasha turned off the computer, approaching her bed to lay down and have a sleep. Except when she did, she fell through her mat.

She landed some place so familiar, she could recognise it. She fell into a pile of leaves, and when she stood, it all became clearer to her. She was inside Undertale.

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