trusting you?

this is a story about a 19 year old girl whose mom and twin brother died in a shooting when she was 6. her dad was so crossed he started to abuse her. when she went high school she meet a boy named aaron he acts almost exactly like her !


11. the car accident

today happened all too fast. by the way this is my mind telling you this so. today i got dressed and things. and for the first time in a long time my dad kissed my forehead and he wasn't drunk! so i had hope this would be a good day. then i went to the bus to the bus stop and kenzie was there GREAT! then she saw my outfit and scowled. "what did i tell you about wearing cute clothes!" then she pushed me on the road. then a car was coming down the road and before i could get up then car hit me. i felt hurt breathing even hurts. i saw them i saw eric and mom they were standing in front of a gate. when mom saw me she ran up to me and hugged me and eric looked older. then i saw myself and i had angel wings on my back. i had on a white dress with lace and glitter and my hair had white tips. then mom said "you can't stay i'm sorry say good bye'' '' bye sis i love you'' '' NO I CAN'T LEAVE YOU!'' and then it went black. then i snapped back to reality. then i started to gain conscious i saw my dad in the corner. weeping and he had bloodshot eyes. when i finally woke up he looked up and softly hugged me. he said that he missed me. then nurse came in and asked me a bunch of questions and i still didn't talk but then she said that i was in coma for 2 weeks. and kenzie was arrested for attempted murder. my dad said my birthday was 2 weeks ago. and he was about to go shopping for my birthday and he handed a small box to me. inside were 2 bows a blue and pink one. ''this was going to be your 6th birthday present''  


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