trusting you?

this is a story about a 19 year old girl whose mom and twin brother died in a shooting when she was 6. her dad was so crossed he started to abuse her. when she went high school she meet a boy named aaron he acts almost exactly like her !


12. sweet 16 to me

the nurse said that i had a broken leg, 3 cracked ribs,cuts and bruises. then she said i had stay in the hospital for another 3 weeks. then she left she left a book for me called ''saved''. it was about a girl that had no memories and then her lover was teleported to another dimension by his brother. i think it was pretty good but i was short. i saw my phone on the side table with the headphones. i can't believe they survived, i put my hand where my necklaces was supposed to be and it wasn't there! then dad texted me that he was at the jewelry store fixing my necklaces one of the diamonds fell out. so he was getting it fixed. i also got a visitor to day it was aaron he brought a bag filled with apples and oranges i smiled when i saw him. we listen to music while eating, he had to leave later. my dad came back with my necklaces it kinda looked different when he said open it, i saw a hinge on it and opened it. and gasped.

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