trusting you?

this is a story about a 19 year old girl whose mom and twin brother died in a shooting when she was 6. her dad was so crossed he started to abuse her. when she went high school she meet a boy named aaron he acts almost exactly like her !


16. oh no

NOOOOOOOOO! THIS IS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE! do you want to know why well you don't have a choice because. well i was at my locker drawing in my notebook when i looked up and saw the worst thing in the world. kenzie brocie. she was fucking smirking and said. '' think you could get rid of me you little baby bitch now get out of my way cause the principal loves me so he believe everything i say so JET OUT OF MY FUCKING WAY!''. then she pushed me out of the way. i got the heck out of there and ran to the bathroom and widow was there stabbing her voodoo doll. i ran ran like no tomorrow  i wish i could leave. soooooooo i just whent to next class 5 class gym i got out of class well cause my ribs. kenzie has gym with my and she's like the poster child that EVERY parent wants. but now that she ''attempted'' to kill me everyone hates her and i know this sounds bad but she shouldn't be the poster child. i just got text saying that i have to go to physical therapy after school. when i looked up from my phone she was there. '' hi there'' ''who do you even text with this phone? it's not like you have any friends''. then she takes phone and tries to hack it. '' HOW THE HELL DO YOU WORK THIS PIECE OF SHIT!?!'' hehe then everyone looks at her. then thy gym teacher says '' miss brocie what are you doing with that phone?'' '' umm'' ''kenzie i would like to see you after class'' ''now please return her phone''. i hope she goes to jail, and one last thing widow did not ride the bus today hmmm.

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