trusting you?

this is a story about a 19 year old girl whose mom and twin brother died in a shooting when she was 6. her dad was so crossed he started to abuse her. when she went high school she meet a boy named aaron he acts almost exactly like her !


19. boyfriend?

first of all i found a picture of my family long ago me, mom,eric and dad we were so happy then....

back then i thought i was a cat i want to go back and save them. any back to the point you're probably wondering why the heading says boyfriend the reason it says that is because well um...........KENZIE IS FUCKING DATING AARON! well at least i think so. he was kissing her or she was kissing him idk but still THAT BITCH! i finally give someone trust and rip it like a napkin. after all these years i thought i could trust someone buuuuuut no god just wants me dead i have no reason no purpose. *looks at a sharp knife* i guess if no one wants me here. just ONE cut i don't want to do this again but no one wants me here they made that clear as crystal. dads not home but he won't care he's as drunk as can be. *grabs knife* just one...*cuts arm them leg other arm and other leg* no NO NO i cut to many times i have to clean this up before dad gets home! *in the shower* '' my lover gots humor he's the giggle at a funeral knows everybody's disapproval.. i'll tell you my sin and you can sharpen your knife offer me the deathless death... then only i'm human.... take me to church..... i was born sick but i love it  amen.amen.amen.amen'' where's the gauze were is it?  ok ok my cuts are covered good. now i need to go put on a long sleeve shirt and jeans. the mess down stairs are clean good and just in time dad just pulled in the driveway. HE"S WITH SOMEONE! OH SHIT!  oh no she looks bad and why is dad holding a baby?

''OH john you didn't tell me you had daughter! ''she said shocked '' i didn't? i thought i did "  '' oh john she's precious! what's her name and why are you wearing long sleeves in this weather for heaven's it's 80 degrees outside!'' i just scowled at her and went to my room to find a girl that look like...

'''' then just like that she was gone. than that girl with grey hair was behind me and then she hit me with a pan in the head and now i don't where i am?   

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