Crafty Allies

Dragorina isn't just friends with pokemon, it's got lots of friends in every world. In the Minecraft dimension though, it's got quite a few friends, the mob leaders, the kings and queens of the different mobs in the world of Minecraft. The Enderdragon however has never been all that interested in making friends with anyone. And when he's tricked into helping a power evil pokemon wanting to take out the mob leaders, disaster falls on the mob leaders and it's up to Dragorina to keep them out of trouble.


3. Prankster in the woods


"You need not worry. Everything will fall in to place as planned in time, my friend. All in due time..." 

                                         *                             *                              *

"So, let's see. It's getting dark, and to get anywhere near where Willow would be we'll have to go through the jungle." I eludicated.
"So we'll be prone to more evil Pokemon right?" Charels inquired. 
"Exactly. Pumpkaboo, come on out!" I said sending out my Pokémon. "Pumpkaboo light the way for us, okay?"
"No problem," he said.
"A living jack-o-lantern..." Eddy mumbled something to himself.
"You got a problem with that glow stick? You got snowmen with the same thing here and you gonna have a problem with me?" Snapped back Pumpkaboo.
"That's what I thought."
Eddy and Charels glanced at each other, confused.
"Pumpkaboo, watch it," I warned. "I swear it's got to be something in the food they give these event Pokémon that makes them so sassy."
They looked even more puzzled, so I just said never mind and ended it there. We walked for a bit in silence, but after a while we started to feel as if we were being followed.

"Am I the only one hearing that?" Charels wondered as we paused.
"No, there's something out there. I hear it too." I replied.
"Shhhhhhh-shhhhh-shhhhhh." A low tree behind us lightly shook and we spun around, Pumpkaboo put his lights on the branches. We all stared, waiting.
The branches increasingly shook more and more. It stopped, then started for a second as a ocelot kitten popped out.
"AHHHHHH GET IT AWAY!!!!!!!!!," screamed Charels backing up, tripping over a root and falling.
"Charels, it's just a kitten," said Eddy.
We helped him up as the small wild cat frolicked away. We all turned around to continue on and found pair of red gleaming eyes and a set of pure white fanged teeth right in front of us.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" we all fell back screaming. Eddy started sporadically teleporting around the area, Charels was readying to blown up, and I fell back crashing into Pumpkaboo.
"HA HA HA HAAAAAA!" The shadowy figure fell to the ground cackling, " YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN YOUR FACES!" It was Willow, the queen of spiders, and as she claims, pranking as well.
"How many times do I have to tell you not to do that? You know I can't stand jumpscares." I scolded her.
"Aww, I'm just kidding around. You just can't stand me having fun with you can you?" she joked.
"Humorous, and no. I just hate when things pop out at me. One of the two things that I'm actually scared of." I demurred.
"What's the other thing?" beckoned Eddy, after he calmed down.
"That is something I won't speak of." I declared. "Ever."

                                           *                               *                              *

The rest of the night was mostly just us chatting. By morning it had started raining, which annoyed everyone. Eddy was fine, though being an Enderman, is not harmed by water. I still refused to change the weather with my powers.
"PLLLLLEASSSSSSEEEEE!" They all begged. 
"I already explained, if I changed the weather every time it wasn't sunny, it would alter the course of nature." I reiterated. "You know Aaron and R.Z wouldn't be so whiny."
"Do you have an excuse for everything?" I queried.
"No," said Charels defensively.
"Then stop complaining," I told him.
"If you wanted I could easily take them off your hands for you," sneered a maniacal voice. 
We looked around to find the source of the voice, and our eyes set on an evil Toxicroak.
"No, I can take care of it, but thanks," I replied sarcastically.
"Oh come on, it'll even be free of charge," cackled the evil Toxicroak, hoping over by Willow, about to assault her.
"Boy, you get near me and I wear you out like old shoes!" snapped Willow, before the evil Toxicroak could act.
"Oooo... I'm so scared. What could you possibly do, bug breath?"
The name calling continued on for about a minute before I finally heard enough. Most of their insults weren't even insults anymore, and if anything were more like compliments.
"Blade, want to take care of this one?" I becked to my Galade as I sent it out.
"It's like taking candy from a baby! Well, not that I'd do that. I mean, maybe if it was my kid, but only if they weren't supposed to have it. You know what I mean." he babled.
'Is it something I did? Does Arceopogrin have these problems?' I thought to myself.
"Blade, use Psycho Cut!" I commanded.
The evil Toxicroak separated from Willow. "Well, if we're going to fight why don't we do it properly?"
"If it's anything like the last minute, not no, but heck no," said another voice.
Everyone looked around, bewildered.
" 'TIS I! THE AMAZING R.Z!," yelled the crazy zombie King, leaping out of nowhere. He attempted to make an epic landing, instead face-slamming into the ground. "Meant to do that..." He moaned.
"You nailed it, then," chuckled Charels.
"Literally. " laughed Willow.
"Shut up!" snapped R.Z., getting up from his 'stunt'. " Okay you Mon, I've been dealing with little weird frogs like, half the night, and Moss Stone Palace was just cleared. So I was like NOPE! NO MORE OF THIS FOR LIKE THE NEXT WEEK,BUT HERE I AM!!"
"Children, this is why you don't make a scene of yourselves or you may just end up like this guy." I jested.
"SHUT UP!" yelled R.Z. "As I was saying, PREPARE TO MEET- "
R.Z was cut off as the evil Toxicroak used Cross Poison.
"I'M OKAY!" called out R.Z after being thrown back from the attack. R.Z jumped back on his feet, withdrawing his enchanted diamond sword.
"HEY FROGGER! EAT BLADE!" exclaimed R.Z charging at the evil Toxicroak, slashing into its side. The evil Toxicroak went up in flames just long enough for it to be destroyed as a darkened vapor within the rain, before dissipating in the air.
"Next time, you should start with that." I advised.
"Well, I got the job done didn't I?" R.Z uttered.
"Again, next time, start with taking out the enemy." I repeated.

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